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Outdated ~ ♥ Lovebound Valentine ♥ ~ luvbeta.12.7.12

Yes, there is love in space

  1. Gothboy77
    Happy Valentines! I made this overnight, and dedicate it to my wonderful girlfriend who I love very much . Even if you don't have a valentine, you can still eat the chocolate!

    [​IMG] Whats on the Love Menu? [​IMG]
    • Yummy chocolate heart candies!
    • 2 cute plush dolls!
    • Vase of roses to place
    • Rose vanity item for hair
    • Kill your enemies with love using the Love Gun!
    • A heart chest to store the things you love most
    • Flag with hearts
    • Love Brick: for building
    • A bed to make love in! (ooooooooh)
    ♥ Whats Planned? ♥

    -Nothing. If I update this it will be for something minor (bugfixes?). I made this for my girlfriend, she plays Starbound too ^.^
    -I decided to release it so everyone can have a chance at love!

    ♥ Installation ♥
    Extract VdayGifts.zip to the Starbound Mods folder.
    Have fun love birds ^.^
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Zero11098
    Version: luvbeta.12.7.12
    Very cute idea. Your girlfriend should be proud of you
  2. SexiMexi
    Version: luvbeta.12.7.12
    Readly good mod, Lots of good things u made :D.... Thank you Gothboy77, Maddie will be happy with this :D
  3. phoenixoke
    Version: luvbeta.12.7.12
    Nice mod, btw, how sweet of you to make this for your gf.