Jan 1, 2014
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    1. Exaelitus
      Hello! I'd like to talk to you about your Item Broadcaster mod! Could you please friend me on Steam or PM me here?
    2. EndlessTetris
      Any chance that the Armor Stands mod will be updated to 1.2?
    3. HSneak
      Man, i've just noticed i have like 75% of your mods installed hahahaa !
      You are a GREAT addition to Starbound ! Thank you for all your mods and all your efforts ^^ keep it up !
    4. PineappleFox97
      Hey, sorry to bother but i just installed phase shift and cant seem to find whom ever gives the quest! Hahaha... help... please...
      1. Wellbott
        That does happen for some people, I think it's a mod compatibility issue. I added the commands you can use to get the quest or tech on the mod page.
        Jun 25, 2016
    5. logan2252
      wellbot please stop using modpak files they are anoying
    6. Cyrinadia
      Hullo Wellbot! I used your GPRS mod back when the Koala was having its anger management issues and it was brilliant. I love your GPRS mod! However, right now while the Giraffe is glad the GPRS is not functioning for some of us. The scan screen remains blank. Please will you fix it? Thank you for the work.
    7. jj200275
      You're probably one of the best mod creators out there! Keep up the good work :D
    8. RamsiC
      Hate to be a bother but any idea on when we can expect an update to the most recent version for Game Hunter, Storage, or Uncrafter? Can't play the game without 'em to be honest.
      1. Wellbott
        All updated! I think I need to make one more tweak to the Uncrafter though, recipes for the new weapons.
        Dec 17, 2015
        RamsiC likes this.
    9. Cybopper
      Wellbot, I just realized all these awesome mods I've grown attached to (Stealth, Uncrafter, and Trophy Collection) all have one thing in common. You made every one! Kudos, and keep up the good work. Gonna try out Phase Shift Module now.
    10. mappo
      Hope you could make a wax figure mod.
    11. TheWorstPersonEver
      Who gives you the Mecharachnid quest?
    12. Nserk
      You, sir, you are truly a genius!
    13. Mackinz
      Suggestion for your next mod: wire multiple Colony Deeds into a single object to collect the rent owed from a single interface.
    14. Mackinz
      Kayuko said to skip making a thread in Modding Help and ask you directly. So... I want to make a set of pickaxes/drills that drop or spawn an item when their durability hits 0. Kayuko tried, but his lua skillz were not stronk enough. Any thoughts? I have absolutely no lua experience, but I'm sure my sla-- I mean friend Kayuko would be interested in hearing your thoughts.
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      2. Wellbott
        Hmm, not sure. If the durablitly parameter is dynamically updated to the hand item descriptor while equipped... let me check that out.
        Jun 27, 2015
      3. Wellbott
        Yeah, I got it. I'll pm you with the code!
        Jun 27, 2015
      4. Kayuko
        Yayz! \o/
        Thänksu for ur time, Mr. Cat o:
        Jun 27, 2015
    15. M4ck
      Man, your mods are really awesome :D Especially the Uncrafter and item networking. They make building complex bases so much easier.
      1. Kaiachi and Kayuko like this.
      2. Kaiachi
        I'm gonna have to agree with M4ck, they're pretty great.
        Jun 22, 2015
      3. Wellbott
        Thanks! I try to think of really interesting things to do.
        Jun 23, 2015
    16. thakyZ
      Hey, you don't mind if I use some if not most of your great mods in my mod pack? I did get permission from you on the Mecharachnid mod but I don't know if you'll allow me to use the rest of your mods.
      1. Wellbott
        Sure, consider them all the same. I like mod packs.
        May 31, 2015
    17. bnmaz
      just here about the Mod problems i was having w the game hunter mod, I tried what yo said it just downloaded all the pictures and text from the page? The problems happening with all .rar files, i think i might have done something on my side, any ideas ?
    18. Geacu
      I really like your Mounted Monsters mod, and while hunting monsters to get them as 'trophies', I had a thought, would it be possible to make it so the stuffed monsters can be wall-mounted to background walls rather then just on ground-stands?
      1. Wellbott
        They actually can be right now, though the appearance of the stand doesn't change too much (it just sticks out of the wall). I was reluctant to use a wall-plaque kind of thing because the size of the monsters can vary so much.
        Feb 14, 2015
    19. sirwillis
      Congratulations on getting custom signs into the main game, and into the stable update!
      1. DarthTrethon and The | Suit like this.
      2. Wellbott
        ty ty
        Jan 28, 2015
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