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Dec 22, 2013
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Subatomic Cosmonaut, Male

what is this Feb 11, 2014

    1. Senso0kami
      Hi TShizon. I updated your mod "Artorias Gear" for Glad Giraffe. May I post the updated version here? I can send you the files, if you prefer.
    2. GenosseWolf
      hey! Master of Mechs TShinzon , I m here to ask you about an update for your mod XS Corporation Mechs ,I never got the chance to play them so I realy want that mod updateted. So ma question is : pls let some one update your mod , I readed that you donĀ“t got the time so pls allow someone to update that masterpiece ! I m bagging you!
    3. betato
      Heyo! TShinzon! Our Server is a huge fan of your mod. And shame that it was removed from the modpack we had due to the lack of updates. Seeing that you were no longer doing mods, my friends would gladly update the mod for you. Some bugfixes and up to date...update.
    4. Frosk
      Could you please update the XS Corporation Mechs Mod? Because most of the bars required to craft the mechs (except the basic Sigma) have been removed from Starbound and the only way to get them is to use an inventory editor :(. I know you don't have much time but can you please update this mod?
      1. Frosk
        Btw the bars that got removed are being replaced with compounds/refined variants soon
        Sep 13, 2014
    5. mollygos
      Hey! Sad to hear you don't have time to mod anymore, but thanks all the same for contributing to the community with awesome mods!
      1. Ketoth and TShinzon like this.
      2. TShinzon
        Thank you guys so much for making the game so easy to mod for! I had a great time doing it and am excited to see how the game & modding community develop in the future :)
        Jun 27, 2014
    6. SuperMandrew
      Just saw you're bowing out of the modding scene due to grad school - you will be missed! I actually just finished, so best of luck to you my friend, you can do it! :)
      1. TShinzon likes this.
      2. TShinzon
        Thanks! Sorry we could never get that collab going--still, it was good running concepts with you!
        Jun 20, 2014
      3. SuperMandrew
        No worries, maybe one day we'll both get some free time and can put something together. :)
        Jun 29, 2014
    7. Zoran89
      Hi, could you update your mod because I do not find [R-11] Ronin Rho Mech Tech in games. thank you this is a great mod :)
    8. Ferioth
      Knew your name seemed familiar. Pretty nice stuff you did for UT2004.
      1. TShinzon likes this.
    9. Beheziel
      Hey Tshinzon, absolutely love the mods you have posted. I'd like to ask if you will be adding new mechs in the future or if you will being tweaking some mechs later on? I'd like to add a few suggestions on two of the mechs: Ronin Rho Mech; hold down button for continuous laser? Pirated Rho Mech; would be awesome if the gravitron hook was replaced by the pyro cutlass for a heavy machine gun/cutlass combo.
    10. Luca1211
      hey i can't use your XS Corporation Mechs mod whit the .modpak ... can you make a folder like your other versiones of that mod ??
    11. DaTimeSmog
      its sad that modders mostly dont get so much attention on their sites D:
    12. Zengoku
      Love your mods mate!
    13. Di1997
      I like your mod (XS corporation Mech), but i have a problem, when i join to a server, what doesn't have that mod. Any errors about this mod, what i founded in console here: http://pastebin.com/RzjuKEei . I tested it on a Theta mech.
    14. enolarules
      TShinzon, I have a question for you and im pretty sure you get it a lot: are you willing to create content for other peoples mods, or modify your current mod content and allow its use in another mod? Just curious.
    15. peng5629
    16. TShinzon
      what is this
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