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Nov 8, 2012
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    1. The | Suit
      The | Suit
      So I see your stalking all the modders - have your sights set on learning to mod?
      1. StarScribe
        Not really sure I got what it takes, but I suppose trying can't hurt. I mostly just enjoy the community and like to keep people motivated :P
        Jan 31, 2015
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  • About

    Things you might be interested to know about me...
    Favorite Colors: Navy blue, Lime green, Dark gray & White

    Favorite Animals: Fox, Tiger & Lion

    Zodiac : Leo

    Element: Fire (火)
    If this is still not TL;DR enough for ya, then here is more...[​IMG]

    Personal profile
    At all times I would describe my self as a friendly guy who seeks friends that are equally friendly and understanding, I hold no prejudice against anyone no matter age, country, gender, religion, race or whatever else it might be. My circle of friendship is open to all kind and friendly people. I love the world and believe that every person has good in their hearts, just some might need help in discovering it trough friendship.

    I like to take a mature, unbiased and understanding approach on things and my friends are the same, but also enjoy making jokes and having a great laugh with those around me!

    I hope you can accept me for what I am, for I shall always do the same for you!

    Let's be good friends!

    Gaming profile
    My favorite play style would be co-op, I enjoy playing in a company of mature and friendly players, but I also enjoy sharing a joke or two when things appear bleak to lighten up the mood!

    I play computer games on Desktop PC, I "used" to play on XBox-360.

    If it is within my power I will gladly help those who are in need, I love sharing my time to teach others new to things that I am familiar with and enjoy myself most when everyone else is also enjoying their time.

    ***I tried once to make a list of all my favorite games, however that list grew beyond the size which I could possibly fit on any page. Because of that I chosen to remove it***

    If you are like me and also enjoy watching anime. I have a list of anime which I have watched and think are worth your time. [ http://myanimelist.net/animelist/StarScribe ] here.
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