Jan 4, 2013
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Mostly Harmless Codesman

Updating my forum status... Jun 25, 2014

    1. Megumin
    2. Djinnetic
      Put about 140 hours into 1.0 so far and am starting to really crave pipes! Is Starfoundry going to make a comeback?
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      2. metadept
        Well, realistically I don't have the time to remake Starfoundry as it used to be, but I'm hoping others will fill the void! I have been working on a few smaller mod projects, so I might release some pieces of it for other people to incorporate into their larger automation projects if they like.
        Aug 1, 2016
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      3. Naddox
        On that note, would you give your permission to someone to take over the mod and update it (like myself and probably a team of modders)?
        Aug 3, 2016
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    3. C0bra5
      seriously this is quite useful right now
      1. Inf_Wolf14
        All hail Documentation Man!!
        (This made my week, you da best metadept!)
        Jul 22, 2016
      2. metadept
        Sorry we don't have it quite finished in time for 1.0, but we'll keep adding more!
        Jul 22, 2016
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    4. liopi
      hello, now, In interface of character creation, all races forced make a choice between "undyColor" (like humans), and "facialMask" (like avians).
      why? Do you not think add makeup\beards for humans?
    5. Mackinz
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      2. Mackinz
        I also feel that unique monsters are also over-abundant. They are a cool novelty at first, but with them spawning everywhere, they will get boring fast. They should be rarer, and that may allow for more neutral randomgen creatures.
        Nov 30, 2015
      3. Mackinz
        Also, I really do not like contact damage, but that is probably something already being discussed in the offices.

        One more thing - many consumables need a bit of polish, since they apply the default wellfed effect for many minutes without a blockingEffect or benefit like health regen.
        Nov 30, 2015
      4. Quilavabom
        I hope you don't mind me cutting in here, but I have a tenant that does that whole "walking sideways" thing. It's been suggested to me that it has to do with npcs on ships jumping out of beds, but no one seems to be sure. Just something to keep an eye out for.
        Nov 30, 2015
    6. Healthire
      Hi im healthire
      1. General Nuclear
        General Nuclear
        and im general wait my avatar is bips now *bip bop bap* Greetings human i am bips nice to meet you all
        Oct 27, 2015
      2. metadept
        Hi your h ealthir
        Oct 27, 2015
    7. Mackinz
      Metadept is the bro-est or bros everywhere.
    8. Crashslays
      When I was telling you about the bug where npcs on old worlds did not take damage, I had no idea you were a developer! I thought you just wanted to check it out xD
      1. metadept
        I just want to check it out, so that I can fix it, so that you can keep playing on your old worlds : )
        Aug 20, 2015
    9. Mackinz
      1. metadept
        It's configured in \player\stat_primary.animation
        Aug 19, 2015
      2. Mackinz
        Ahhhhh... yes, there it is. Seems it's been changed from 30, 30, 30 in Stable to 75, 75, 75 in Unstable. Thanks!
        Aug 19, 2015
    10. Mackinz
      I hate bugging you because I know you're busy (and I don't use IRC anymore), but could you please add vanilla ways to reduce (not wholy negate) damages from, say, the poison, burning or melting status effects? I modded it in, but removing the mod causes character removal because I had to patch in new values to player.config...
    11. rsonic
      I don't have the updated starbound and i have it on steam what should i do i need help and starbound is the best!!!
      1. The | Suit
        The | Suit
        Right now the update has not been pushed to Stable. You either will need to switch your branch to unstable \ nightly. Or wait till the update has been pushed to stable.
        You can find more information here -
        Apr 11, 2015
      2. rsonic
        thanks dude
        Apr 11, 2015
    12. severedskullz
      Yo! On my phone and dont want to forget. Is there a way we can get the JSON of any item given its item name? I see they already have everything I could possibly want in Star::LuaBindings::ItemCallbacks but doesnt seem like I can get that from just an item name since all of those take an item pointer. And apparently Star::LuaBindings::RootCallbacks::itemConfig no longer exists?
    13. LC12K
      You got any answers as to why my character been reverted back to a certain point in the game?

      If you don't I'll discard this game as a buggy mess.
    14. General Nuclear
      General Nuclear
      Greetings metadept big damn hero starbound developer it is i General Nuclear
    15. freeman27015
    16. beari78
      Your avatar looks awesome
    17. AdenSword
      (you've probably been asked this a million times)

      Are you going to add any of the stuff from starfoundry to the game? Or will the other devs not let you?
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      2. metadept
        Yes! They want Starfoundry stuff in the game, too, but we're trying to get a new stable patch (and maybe v1.0) out before we add major new features. I definitely plan to add lots of Starfoundry objects in the future.
        Oct 2, 2014
      3. AdenSword
        *Wishes he could like metadept's comment* *Deceides to mentally like it*

        Having those mechanics in the game will make it so nice! Of course containing liquids is something that was already added (Or going to be added. Can the MM do that yet?) and that's in starfoundry.
        Oct 6, 2014
    18. helloLateNight
      May I ask you a question? Do the guns have access to the world table? I want to use world.objectLineQuery in a gun script but the log show "attempt to call field 'objectLineQuery' (a nil value)".
    19. Revolt!
      Let's just hope these squishy npc's don't die while your off completing quests... Will certain npc's be protected? I don't think gaurds are doing there jobs as much as we would like
    20. metadept
      Updating my forum status...
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      2. AdenSword
        It's difficult to know what to update it with isn't it?
        Sep 30, 2014
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