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November 1

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Zero Gravity Genie, Male

The Nefarious is born! Deadly crystals that will kill, destroy and conquer. Nov 14, 2016

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Aug 24, 2017
    1. Littleman9Mew2
      The Nefarious is born! Deadly crystals that will kill, destroy and conquer.
    2. Littleman9Mew2
      Modding for me: Crashes, crashes everywhere.
    3. Littleman9Mew2
      Sylva's feeling stabby, but you know how Florans are...
    4. Littleman9Mew2
      Sylva: Gray-cat iss pet, gray-cat mad that I call it pet. Floran sssad.
    5. Littleman9Mew2
      "Littleman9Mew2":I'm good.
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    November 1
    I'M Littleman9Mew2 (Online anyway), and with that comes to what you want to know. I love playing a LOT of games, mainly sandbox and adventure, like Starbound, but I have dabbled in many other genres. Such as Horror, Shooter, RPG, RTS, Roleplay, MMO, and many, many many more. I also have a youtube channel that I occasionally upload to, on that I'm making a video that has (yet) to go up as I'm still making it.

    Little's Mods:
    All of the mods will modify the loading screen on startup, but in a way to make it compatible with other mods, it's even modified so that if another mod is installed, it tool extends the loading screen a bit longer to show a little animation of what the mod is.

    Little's Workbench
    I'm currently developing a "Little's workbench" mod that adds crafting recipes into the game of various things that come to mind. I even made a whole new "Mazebound" game called "Super Mazebound" in this mod!

    Little's Nefarious mod
    "Oh great, not ANOTHER race mod"
    WOAH! Hold your horses! This ISN'T a race mod! In fact this is a (very) incomplete mod that will showcase something that I literally dreamed of.

    The Dream:
    In the dream I had, their was a race/creature made of black shiny crystals, these crystals were long but thin 8 sided shapes, like the dice. In the dream they had one thing in mind: to kill, to destroy, to conquer. My mind really made it graphic, like Dead Space graphic, so I wont go into detail. (Playing dead space wasn't a good idea lol) The crystals will rip anything apart and use biomass to grow at insane speeds, these very crystals are incredibly dense, that not even an explosion would harm it. In the dream they would take control of any creature to lure others to them to help grow, and with that made everyone hard to trust if they're part of the Nefarious or not. In the dream they're unnamed, as the dream didn't advance far enough to name them, all I remember is calling them "they" and "it" so I chose Nefarious as it means "evil" and "dark" like the appearance.

    With that came the Nefarious mod, it's going to be a mod that adds a new liquid type, a new monster and of course the Nefarious crystals as a block form as well. I want to make it somewhere near End-Game/Post Ruin. But also something that could be done in early levels if you're brave enough. The Nefarious is the opposite of Erchius, so it 'might' be used as an alternative fuel source, but with a mob deadlier than that of the erchius ghost. This is the form that similar to "Dark Matter" in our universe but in Starbound instead.

    The Block: (not finalized)
    The Block is incredibly dense, harder than "deadcore" blocks, with a hardness of 4096 (doubled hardness than "deadcore"'s) it'll take about 8 MINUTES to mine with a fully upgraded MM. So, happy mining! Ahuhuhu

    Liquid: (mostly finalized)
    The liquid is special as it will turn any other liquid, including lava into itself (barring infinite sources), the only substance that isn't the case is Erchius Fuel, which will form Nefarious Crystal when touched, so the crystals can get in the way if you're not too careful. The amount of damage will certainly kill any player caught if stood in for too long, it'll kill a player in about a second, so any life form will certainly parish, even ones that fade out of the current dimension, so certain ghosts will be killed even if they couldn't be killed.

    The Monster: (not finalized)
    The Nefarious Monster is going to be that of something similar to the Erchius Ghost, but it cannot be killed and will hunt players nearby. Unlike that of the ghost, it will track the player on that world no matter what until you go away even without picking anything special up.

    The Gear:(not finalized)

    No idea, I have no intention to weapon and armor at this time, as I'm still learning LUA scripting.



    "Littleman9Mew2" or "Little": Casual Roleplay
    Race: Avian
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Tries to take care of all, but on his ship, the only allowed crew is Avian, and he does dabble a little with Kluex, but in more recent events following Earth, his devout to Kluex has been shaken plenty by the Ruin. He made plenty of friends, from Avian to Floran, he is currently friends with two fellow Florans. With a production of a clothing technology, he dresses up as a Mewtwo from the Humans "Pokemon" game, and with that never changed appearance as the Florans seem to like this "new creature" and also, the pixel tech required to make the costume tech malfunctioned and fused with Little, permanently making him look like the human's fictional character, down to the DNA as well. The true name of Little is never known, he named himself after his old online persona on the internet and what his older brothers kept calling him.

    Other notes: I use this character for modding, just in case stuff goes wrong, that's the reason why the name is my username.

    Sylva: Medium/ Serious Roleplay
    Race: Floran
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hates almost anyone non Floran, except Littleman9Mew2, whom she tends to call "gray-cat", she love to kill and murder any race, and with that love the old hunting ways. Never has she picked up a rifle and fired it, only when absolutely necessary, she takes the breathing EPP out for adventure. She detests it, but she wants to live on other worlds so she "can ssstab more thingss" She recently made a friend with a human named "Ody" and she loves to play with the human, constructing large things and making farms.

    Acera:Casual Roleplay
    Race: Floran
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Unlike Sylva, Acera has made friends with a Novakid (whom is actually my friend on Steam). With that she hangout with it form time to time, she knows both "gray-cat" and Sylva, and occasionally hunts with Sylva. She was the one who made a trading post so that Little, Sylva and herself can trade loot. She more accepting with technology then that of Sylva, but isn't all too high tech like that of Little. Just like any other Floran, she loves to "sstab thingss for fun!"


    "I see the cercumstances of ones birth are irrelevant ,it's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." ~Mewtwo