Mar 10, 2016
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Industrial Terraformer, Male

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    Gaming since I was 4 years old.

    Favorite games: Final Fantasy 8,10,and X2 / Harvest Moon64/ Dying Light/Stardew Valley/ Fallout3,4/ Warframe.

    Favorite Foods: Gyros/Doner Kebab, Sausage, onion and mushroom Pizza.

    Favorite Movies: Big Trouble in Little China (no its not porn), The Lost Boys (also not porn), The Gate, Ender's Game, Critters, Love actually. (too many to list really)

    Favorite TV Shows: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Gurren Lagann, The 100, Bleach, Arrow, Love, Grimm.

    I am mixed race, gay, and I identify as the only thing that matters. Human. My race and sexuality are only part of who I am.

    I am really boring, but cheerful at times. I am introverted mostly but can get pretty goofy around friends.

    I am very religious but slowly losing faith in both God and humanity, too many divisions among the human family and I am quite disillusioned and weary of it all because it always boils down to belief systems that are used to justify hatred bigotry and even murder. Ideology is the killer of discussion and civility in my opinion because people can't see past their own ideals or the ideals of their group. Sick of the us vs them shit.

    One word that describes me? Alive