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Apr 15, 2019
    1. shiro2579
      I'm using the Windows version and it don't have all layouts from the site version. Could you update it?
    2. redfreckles16
    3. RoboMadster
      why does it not let me save my files into my normal game?
    4. RoboMadster
      for some reason when i try saving my layout it does not let me?
    5. lrx1994
      Perfect tool.
      An official Chinese version of game has been released. I think there are many Chinese players interested in your tool, how do you think of releasing a Chinese version of your planner. I could contribute to it.
    6. cdmabrey
      i can't seem to get the planner to render my save file. sent the save file via gmail.
    7. tiffanyjpg
      Hey! For some reason, no matter how much i try to click it, or refresh the page, i just cannot save a picture file of my farm!
    8. akmar
      Wonderful app! I've been using it since SDV came out and I love how the new layouts were incorporated too.
      But I'm having trouble importing my save file now...I don't get a 500 Internal Server Error like Haren, but the button just doesn't seem to do anything after I've browsed to and selected my save file.
      1. hpeinar
        Could you please send me your saveGame file so I could see what is happening with it?
        Oct 17, 2016
    9. gummywyrms
      Hey, thanks so much for the planner. However, I think the maps are loaded wrong. I loaded my map from my save file, and it opened as a fishing map, but I have a mining map. It's a minor bug, though, since I've barely done anything, so I was able to change it pretty easily (not sure if it would have an effect on more developed farms).
      1. hpeinar
        Is this still a problem? Could you send me your saveGame file which is having this issue?
        Oct 17, 2016
      2. gummywyrms
        I sent it over Gmail, hope that's fine.
        Oct 17, 2016
      3. hpeinar
        I got your save and fixed the problem :)
        Thank you very much for finding and reporting this. You can find your name in the changelog part of the planner ;)
        Oct 18, 2016
        gummywyrms likes this.
    10. haren
      The planner tool seems great, but I seem to be having a problem importing as I get a POST https://stardew.info/api/import 500 (Internal Server Error) and nothing happens. Still, thank you, I know this will help plan things out.
    11. RichieJS
      Great App. Newbie at coding so very small newbie question. Is it possible to zoom closer on the Grid map.

      Cheers Richie.
    12. BoffoBoy
      No idea what I would do with my borderline OCD if not for this farm planner; If only mixing sprinkler types worked neater and scarecrows were a completely unfair square.

      One suggestion would be to add one more highlight to this tool: a shader for scarecrow coverage. Nothing opaque, just a color blind friendly transparent. Oh and I second or third the idea of Shift/control for placing down multiples of same item.
      1. hpeinar
        You can place multiples of same items already when holding down shift when placing it. Don't hesitate to read the controls section below the planner :)

        I'm little confused about the mixing sprinkler types problem. Could you elaborate please? Is the highlighting a problem there?

        Edit: Also I just figured this was posted wayyyyy long time ago.
        Oct 17, 2016
    13. xjapanboy
      nice planner tool, thanks
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