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Feb 13, 2013
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Stardew Valley Dev, Male, from Stardew Valley

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Jul 9, 2018
    1. Aleeannm
      Hi! I’m unable to plant seeds after tilling the dirt. Using mobile iPhone app. Please help!!! And character starts to move in place rapidly when clicking on another NPC or farm animal. SOS please
    2. Eddie79x
      hey i found a bug in the sam 2 heart event pm and ill sent the picture but its just the top right of sebastian's head is gone. lol
    3. Dr4k3
      Hey, man. Love all of your work!! Huge fan, the main reason I’m messaging you, I bought Stardew on the Nin Switch a few months back and recently lost my job and had to sell said switch, along with Stardew (digital copy) and some more, but I also own a PC. Can I prove my purchase and possibly transfer my game over to my PC so I can play it? Thanks, man for reading.

      -Nathan Drake
    4. bangbingbung
      Boss...where to see update log for small update like today update 2.2mb???
    5. Bamboozler
      Hey, just letting you know that I'm here :)
    6. Michaelninja3
      Hey love your game and right now im going through a very hard time. Everyday at school im always bullied and have once tried killing my self. But when ever i get home i always play stardew valley and it keeps me very happy and is one of the reasons i didn't kill my self. So thank you eric and i sometime hope i can meet you.
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      2. BlueSkyes
        Sorry to hear your being bullied. Don't let other's opinions affect yours. Ever.
        It's nice to hear Stardew Valley keeps you very happy.
        Have an awesome day ;)
        Mar 9, 2018
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    7. BlueSkyes
      Hey! There is a glitch where the screen continuously pans to the right during the completed community center scene. It shows Robin walking, until the point where you can see Clint walk to the boiler room. So I went out of maximized window, and the screen reverted back to normal. So, I thought, 'Hey this works', so I maximized the screen and the game crashes. Any help?
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      2. Waffle-Chan
        You should either make a post or make a thread about it. Usually, posting it on a mod/admin’s page leads to very little. I’m sure a member of the community would be happy (or at least willing) to help > u <
        Mar 9, 2018
    8. Gabbyc2k
      Hey there! I seem to be having an issue with the game..... I haven't played on my only save file for about a month and went to play on it recently, only to find that my file is missing?? I have about 110 hours on that save and don't want to lose it :(. I checked for fixes for this and nothing so far has worked for me. If you could please look into this issue I would be most appreciative!! <3 <3 <3
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      2. Waffle-Chan
        1.) Posting on the dev’s page isn’t the smartest of ideas, as it’s sometimes considered as spam (from what I’ve seen)
        2.) Try checking the files for the character. If he/she isn’t there, then you’re most likely out of luck, especially if you’ve emptied your trash since December > n <
        Mar 9, 2018
    9. TheBiggestNolifer
      hey conserned ape just wanted to say that your game is soo cool, but when i try to beat the world record in "the journey of the praire king" it crashes right in the middle of the game! SEND HELP!!
    10. Ladynight0536
      Hi I love stardew valley,but it seems I am having some sort of crash error with Alex during the Fall season...Every time I speak or try to give him a gift in Fall it crashes on my switch and then returns me back to the home page,making me lose progress Please help!
    11. Roskii Heiral
      Roskii Heiral
      Good to see you online =3
    12. @gamer123
      Hi ! I bought stardew valley recently and am already having problems .
      For example I can't scroll down when buying seeds and when I look at how much I made that night I can't leave .

      The game is a lot of fun ! But these problems make it less fun .

      Can you help
    13. Surenu
      May I just tell you that you are awesome and your game is awesome? I normally don't fanboy like that but damn, you deserve more recognition.
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    14. Dhollas
      In the beta version I can't put anything in the bottom row in the museum. Tried reloading game and still didn't work :-(
      1. SpaceClown
        try zooming ur game all the way out?
        Oct 3, 2016
    15. ► Evil E. ◄
    16. ExSOLDIER-J92
      Hey man, just wanted to thank you for making a true successor to Harvest Moon, it really brings back some precious memories and I am happy to say that every penny was well spent and worth it.
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    17. Vith
      Hello ConcernedApe. First off, I want to THANK YOU for all your time with Stardew Valley, with your continued support AND content updates. I know you probably won't even bother reading this or even have the time to reply, but I was curious what your stance was with the game being modified (specifically with the SMAPI). Does this bother you at all? Thank you for your time.
    18. Bizarre Monkey
      Bizarre Monkey
    19. Gungfry
      I love Stardew Valley, even if I can't play it since I can't get DirectX10
    20. Earendel
      Thanks for making Stardew Valley such a wonderful experience. It's inspiring. I've started on some realistic (not quite photo-real) artwork for some of the characters I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on my interpretation of your characters.
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