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    MAJOR Advance Wars fan, I literally can talk about it for hours. What I love about AW so much is the different theme music of every CO and the different style of units for each faction. I can't get enough of it, so glad I have an Xbox One cause ima play the shit out of Wargroove when I get it, but the thing is I RARELY play it. (EDIT): I GOT A FUCKING NINTENDO SWITCH

    I can't decide my favorite between Dual strike or Days of Ruin.
    Dual Strike is real...unbalanced and rushed, but it still has all the AW characters including some new ones, PLUS some mini-games/challenges. But the AI still cheats in FOW, which is really annoying.
    Days of Ruin is completely different, new style, characters, music, more balanced, AI DOESN'T cheat in FOW, but it lacks number of playable COs and there are only two different styles of units, which sort of makes sense because in the war there are only two different countries fighting each other, but at least give the IDS faction their own Black-Hole like style.

    TBS games are one of my favorite pass time thingies, besides playin' some RTS games.
    If you too have a big itch that can't be satisfied I can inform you of some great AW fan-made games.

    The first one is called Uniwar, available for mobile devices. A futuristic TBS game of a war between three different factions. Sapiens(humans), Krahleans(bug alien), and Titans(bots). There isn't much a story, but there are some missions that are fun. The community is hella active, this game learns more towards multiplayer, but BEwArE of the IAP(in-app purchases).

    The second game is called Lost Frontier. This is also for mobile devices, but this one costs money, about three dollars. This one is a more completed game(in story) than Uniwar. The story takes place in the west, but with vampires, ghouls, steam tanks, and werewolves and more. There are a lot of playable COs that you can unlock and level them up that just get ridiculous passive powers. Pretty legit check it out. This game leans more towards the story, but you can go back with your OP ass hero and completely dominate the fucking plot.

    The third game is called Tiny Metal. This one is for pc, this game has a very similar style to Advance Wars. This game IS available and IS available on the Nintendo Switch, so lucky me. There is a completed story mode, along with skirmishes; which is just war rooms from Advance Wars. Multiplayer is still being tested, there are no custom maps, but obviously, that is a MUST-HAVE for this game. There are no CO powers, but there are HERO units, which is something similar to boarding your CO into a unit from Advance Wars Day of Ruins. FF, my avatar is a unit of this game.


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