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Oxygen Tank, Male

I guess it is done i just haven't uploaded it for some reason. Feb 28, 2017

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    1. Artus_
      You still in that mod coalition?
    2. Voksi
      1. bk3k
        There are very big problems.

        1. Both mods are marked "no altering/redistributing" thus I won't touch them without permission (except for my own private use).

        2. External download links that are long dead. So I can't even get the files. If I had them, I "probably" can find the correct older unpacker but that's also a pain. But I don't have the files.
        Mar 23, 2019
      2. bk3k
        3. Things are so different, it would be a total rewrite of everything but art. That alone doesn't scare me, but is a factor. Without really looking at them, I'm not sure if they'd be relevant with modern Starbound. The mounts would be converted from techs to vehicles? Dunno what I'd do with Starblender's power.
        Mar 23, 2019
      3. bk3k
        4. I just haven't been motivated in some time. So who knows when I'd even get around to it. That's after getting past the first 2 major problems.
        Mar 23, 2019
    3. Omnifool
      1. bk3k
        I don't mind. The code needed for a chuck loader is pretty basic anyhow. You should have everything you need in that thread.

        Usually first mods wouldn't use scripts though, unless you understand the language. But that script is very simple anyhow.
        Jan 24, 2019
        Omnifool likes this.
      2. Omnifool
        I have a pretty good grip on Lua, so I'm more worried about figuring out how to make sprites and Json files that work with the mod, but that's what google's for I suppose c:
        Jan 24, 2019
    4. sebyciutac
      Hello, 4 months have passed trying to learn on my own.
      Json: I get more or less ben since the codes are more easily understood and can be edited without problem.
      Lua: I'm still learning and that's what I find most difficult.
      Client: I can not find information about how to learn or anything, I've only seen his profile and I can see some things but a little more.
      I would like you to help me learn, please.
    5. Eclipse-the-dragon
    6. Stone_Bear
      Hey Bk3k, I need your help with something can you send me a message thanks.
    7. Cyandogg
      bk3k i just known you but first imprission best of em all apart from fu and fr and frf
    8. greenRAM
    9. greenRAM
      Could I use your lua edits in your bk3k_Techs mod? I really, really, really love your multijump in that one and thought it would be really neat to work with it to make some new techs in my Tech 2.0 mod.
    10. steakhutzeee
      Hi! Any news about the mod More Planet Info? The mod you suggested me on Reddit :)
    11. Zagl0
      if you take mod suggestions, I would humbly suggest making an invasion event mod that targets colonies and player bases
    12. greenRAM
      Any easy way to make the "main" quest script behave more like the "instance" quest script to make it allow adding techs from its corresponding questtemplate file? I was trying to think of a way to make techs buyable as quest items.
    13. cpeosphoros
      (Continuing) Then, I tried to bookmark it (used "E" on it). I got an error crash saying: "You were disconnected from the server for the following reason: Income client packet has caused exception".

      Well, that is it. Congratulations for the great mod.
      1. bk3k
        The teleporter room is a sort of placeholder for now. It mostly just looks cool IMO. I'm not currently using custom objects(but will eventually) there. Those are vanilla ship teleporters, and aren't intended for planetside teleporting. Vanilla ships would never allow you to use them anyhow.
        Jul 4, 2017
      2. bk3k
        I don't think it would have been a problem before 1.3, but they changed shipteleporter.config. It hadn't occurred to me, and although those objects wouldn't be classified as "bugged", that does bring my attention to something that needs done elsewhere.

        Any further discussion of the topic should go in the mod's discussion thread.
        Jul 4, 2017
    14. cpeosphoros
      Hi there, bk3k, I don't know if this is the best place to post bug reports, but...

      I'm using your Ship Yard mod, single player, together with FU and a couple hundred other mods. So, I've grabbed a teleporter from the shipyard's teleporters' room and installed it planet side. Until then, it worked very fine. (Continues)
      1. bk3k
        >I don't know if this is the best place to post bug reports

        The best place would be the discussion tab for the mod for sure. In that place you could use code and spoiler tags to leave the entire log as well as longer explanations.
        Jul 4, 2017
    15. Alexander Hamilton
      Alexander Hamilton
      Random person says hi
    16. Jilly Bob the Third
      Jilly Bob the Third
      I'm trying to give you a badge for helping me multiple times with modding help.
      1. Waffle-Chan likes this.
    17. Okralord
      Hey, wanted to ask you about adding my blocks to the Starbounder wiki.
    18. Dekadrachm
    19. bk3k
      I guess it is done i just haven't uploaded it for some reason.
      1. Charlatan likes this.
    20. Kirbyroth
      How goes the update on Intersol Vepr/SOWET - Urania.EODAG.2 Pathfinder Cruiser?
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