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May 24, 2018
Dec 7, 2013
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Cosmic Narwhal, Male

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May 24, 2018
    1. Ivskran
      Just so you know, your mod has been apropriated by some chap in the Steam Workshop. The stubborn lad won't even give you any credit.
      Awesome mod by the way.
      1. medhathobo likes this.
      2. Iris Blanche
        Iris Blanche
        The mod theft already began? o.O
        Jul 22, 2016
    2. icelltroo
      update plz
    3. plazacooljo
      The creativemode mod is really good, I used it for all versions that I`ve played.But you have to make an update :)
    4. maxim0129
      hey i dont want to sound to demanding but can you update this mod so it works in spirited giraffe please, it sounds really useful and i think you did a good job on it
    5. glasspug
      I know updating mods like the creative mod can be trouble, but I hope it gets updated soon.
      1. maxim0129 likes this.
    6. ninjacat313
      ok not i get it i dit instal the newest one
    7. LazySword1
      hi when i install the mod, i press c and there is no ultimate box? Please Help!
    8. mollygos
      Heya! You've got a new badge. Thanks for contributing to the modding community. :D
      1. aMannus
        Wow. Uhh. What have I done for the community to even deserve this? :O
        Jun 27, 2014
    9. ShadowTormenter
      hey aMannus for some reason the dropbox link for CreativeMod isn't working and I don't want to have to pay to make a nexusmods account, is there any chance you could add me on Skype to send the file or send it through email please?
      1. aMannus
        I'm not using any dropbox links, except for old versions. Download the latest version instead.
        Mar 7, 2014
      2. ShadowTormenter
        k thanks :)
        Mar 8, 2014
    10. rainbowdash1859
      ok. how do i do that? i'm a noob when it comes to things like that.
    11. rainbowdash1859
      (i don't know how else to reply back to you so i will do it here)
      i'm not in multiplayer, i started one of my characters and my first box wasn't there so i got a new one and when i went to place it down i couldn't see the box and it wouldn't let me place it
      1. aMannus
        Post your starbound.log to pastebin.com and send me the link to it. I'll have a look at it tomorrow evening, I really need to get some sleep first now.
        Feb 26, 2014
    12. craggy
      please update creative mod for enraged koala :(
    13. Hyaziha
      Thank you so much for the CreativeMode mod. Please keep it up. Having a nice colorful character to play with is nice, but building whatever I want to give them their very own, special home IN SPACE is what really drives me to play this game (yeah, it's already an awesome game, really love it, but I totally LOVE to build things!). Thank you so much putting so much effort into this mod! ♥
    14. zorodayo
      CreativeMode  Thank you Update
    15. Lusfella
      The sector unlockers did not work for me, only the X sector worked.
      I tried on 3 characters and this was before I had any other mods installed and I'd not done any edits to any files.
      1. aMannus
        Hmm. I'm sadly not at home right now so I can't try it, but I don't see why they would suddenly stop working with the last update.. Just to make sure, you do know that stuff like the 3D printer unlocker does only need to be crafted to have it's effect? You don't have to use it or anything, as soon as you craft it the items are available in the 3D printer.
        Jan 31, 2014
      2. Lusfella
        The 3D one works, even if it's not quite complete yet which I'm very eager for it to be, it's just the sector stuff that seems to not work.
        I mean, you can still spawn in the Mark # unlockers to get the sectors anyway but still a bit odd that they weren't working.
        Jan 31, 2014
      3. aMannus
        That is definitely odd and not how it's supposed to be. I'll have to check it out as soon as I get home.
        Jan 31, 2014
    16. NavalSanctum
      About the Creative mode mod, are you by any chance going to update it to Furious Koala ? Or if you can't than is there a way to make my version Angry Koala?
      1. LasseKB likes this.
      2. Lusfella
        It's updated!
        Jan 31, 2014
    17. Techwire
      Great mod man I love using it however I have to re-download it but the drop box link is broken.
    18. Thomas25181
      Just incase YOU need to add a racial/decorations box their are no Avian doors or test tubes or any of that coll stuff!!!!!
    19. CptnDraco
      Hello, i just recently downloaded the mod, and i properlly installed it but the ultimate box doesn't show up and i cant craft it.
    20. blaketh
      KK thanks i just need a gun like thing also idea:some item of sorts which edits an items properties like the mod station or something
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