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Nov 15, 2017
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Aegis J Hyena

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If I did a Spore-style "civilization" thread, from bacteria to space, is there interest? Message me and maybe we'll get somethin' goin... Nov 19, 2015

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Nov 15, 2017
    1. Aegis J Hyena
      Aegis J Hyena
      If I did a Spore-style "civilization" thread, from bacteria to space, is there interest? Message me and maybe we'll get somethin' goin...
    2. Aegis J Hyena
      Aegis J Hyena
      ADOM releases in less than 24 hours. Yay.
    3. nababoo
    4. tofudog01
      Yeah, Dude, if I knew how...
      Actually sayter has not been consistent with the names of the *.recipe files either. Some vanillastuff he did is prefixed with "ff_" too. No way around either doing everything new or checking every existing entry.
    5. tofudog01
      Please forgive me, if I have been too verbose with the instructions and thanks for volunteering, you truly are a big damn hero.

      Damn that character limit.
      1. lazarus78
        Dude, this is what PMs are for...
        Apr 13, 2015
    6. tofudog01
      That is all. I will do my best to post the missing extractables I come across on the wiki.

      Until sayter or somebody who actually knows what they are doing sets you up with a better way, this might serve.
      If anything else (beyond unpacking that nasty packed.dat) remains unclear, feel free to drop me a line.
    7. tofudog01
      I have it unpacked, but I cannot remember how I did it. Don't look at me like that. I really forgot how I did it. But as I did it, it is proven possible.
      You would have to go hunting through the folderforest, that awaits inside (840 MB).
      "farmables" contains the seeds, "tiles" contains the ground tiles, and so on.
    8. tofudog01
      Now you want to know how to find the names of the vanilla-things. This is more complicated.
      In the root level (the same one that contains giraffe_storage) there is a folder called "assets", which contains the file "packed.pak"
      Somewhere on these pages there is an instruction that tells you how to unpack this, as it contains the whole vanillaverse.
    9. tofudog01
      When you are done, you click "save as" and name your new file "coffeeseed.recipe"

      Bingo, first edit. Actually do this - coffeeseed is one of the missing things.
      For quantumextractor just take an extractionlab file and multiply output count by two or three - sayter has not been entirely consistent with that. I would go with three myself.
    10. tofudog01
      to something else too - either go in line with most other seeds, that produce 3 Tissue Cultures atm. Like this:
      "item" : "tissueculture",
      "count" : 3
      or something else entirely. Open some *.recipe files until you find the desired output. For example /edibles/artichoke.recipe has this:
      "output" : {
      "item" : "geneticmaterial",
      "count" : 3
      if you want to throw sayter a variety wrench :).
    11. tofudog01
      The others are vanilla. You will notice that this folder contains nearly exclusively
      Open one of the *.recipe files, say the "ff_algaeseed.recipe" one.
      In the input you can change the line
      { "item" : "algaeseed", "count" : 1 }
      to something else - say
      { "item" : "coffeeseed", "count" : 1 }.
      Then in the output you might want to change
      "item" : "tissueculture",
      "count" : 1
    12. tofudog01
      It should contain an "extractionlab" and a "quantumextractor" folder.
      Both of them contain the same seven subfolders, which actually hold the "*.recipe" files.
      Open one of them (the "farmables" folder will do) and look at them. Sayter was nice enough to prefix his added stuff with "ff_" or "FF_" - not case-sensitive, obviously.
    13. tofudog01
      Hi Hyena, concerning your post of this morning.
      If you actually are up to doing the recipes it would be best if you have the loose-file version of FU - that saves some packing and unpacking.
      As you said your coding knowledge is -1 I am walking you through the process with maximum handholding.
      Open your mods/FU/recipes/ff_stations folder
    14. kenanthebarbarian
      Enjoyed the stream yesterday!
    15. greenRAM
      Guess I'm an amateur at everything, which also sums up most of my life pretty much. Give me enough time and I can usually figure out most things. The mods I've done is most of what I've figured out so far. What's your idea, if you don't mind me asking?
      1. Aegis J Hyena
        Aegis J Hyena
        Mostly megadungeons locked by shield gens and combination locks for vaults.
        Feb 21, 2015
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