1. Staff

    1. Special Snowflake

      Whoa! This guy is both a Contributor AND a Moderator! How special! (what a nerd)

    2. Chucklefish


    3. Steam Moderator

      Moderates the Steam forums!

    4. Developer

      This person actually makes games and/or other stuff. No, for real!

    5. Retired Moderator

      Used to moderate! Doesn't moderate anymore.

    6. Administrator

      Administrating all the forums! Or just this one, possibly.

    7. Moderator

      Moderating all the people, in their thatched-roof cottages

    8. IRC Operator

      Keeping our IRC channel awesome!

    9. Starbound Contributor

      Contributes to the development of Starbound!

  2. Preorder Rewards

    1. Witchmarsh Town Council

    2. Donor Badge - Tweet

    3. Donor Badge - Penguin

    4. Donor Badge - Heart

    5. Donor Badge - Lightning

    6. Donor Badge - Shield

    7. Donor Badge - Sword

    8. Donor Badge - Star

  3. Contest Winners

    1. Master of Disguise

      Awarded for winning the Starbound Mini-Cosplay Contest!

    2. Christmahannakwanzaakuh Doodler

      Won the Art section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

    3. Christmahannakwanzaakuh Songwriter

      Won the Song Parody section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

    4. Christmahannakwanzaakuh Poet

      Won the Poetry section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

    5. Christmahannakwanzaakuh Author

      Won the Story section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

    6. Christmahannakwanzaakuh Pixel-er

      Won the Pixel Art section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

    7. Holiday Spirit

      Awarded for submitting an outstanding Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest entry that...didn't fit into any of the other categories.

    8. Golden Hatter

      Won first place in the Create-A-Hat competiton!

    9. Golden Monster Maker

      Won first place in the Monster contest!

    10. Silver Monster Maker

      Won second place in the monster contest!

    11. Silver Hatter

      Won second place in the Create-A-Hat competition!

    12. Bronze Monster Maker

      A runner-up in the Monster contest!

    13. Bronze Hatter

      A runner-up in the Create-A-Hat competition!

  4. Achievements in Awesome

    1. Meet the Novakids

      Awarded for conceptualizing and designing Starbound's seventh race, the Novakids.

    2. Official Wiki

      Runs the awesome Official Starbound wiki!

    3. Genetically Modified

      For those who consistently help out others in the modding community.

    4. The Architect

      Awarded to users who have built something incredible in Starbound!

    5. Eighth Wonder

      Awarded to builders whose architectural feats made it into Starbound!

    6. Tech Support Vigilante

      Awarded to users who are consistently helping others deal with Starbound technical issues

    7. Busy Bee

      Awarded to the most productive and active users on the forum.

    8. A for Amazing

      Awarded to users who show an aptitude for lightening the atmosphere, drawing out chuckles, and being overall excellent.

    9. Modbot 3000

      Awarded to modders whose mods were officially added into the game!

    10. Corporate Forum Co-Chair

      Oh hey this guy is one of the leads of the revamped Corporate Forum!

    11. Omar's Seal of Approval

      Omar comin'! tell you that he approves of your Chucklefish Forum logo.

    12. Social Butterfly

      These peeps be a chirpin'! They draw in the most friends and follows and are role-models for the social boards!

    13. Role Playa

      These wordsmiths have the best RP's in the world. Or at least in the forum!

    14. Honey Badger

      A salute to those who have contributed in some way to the creation of the badges, or the badge system.

    15. Heart of Gold

      All that is gold does not glitter… but they do deserve a casket for their kindness. For the folks that do giveaways!

    16. Emoticon Master

      Variations on the traditional smiley face have given rise to this prestiged medal; thanks to those who have contributed emoticons to the community, and had them used.

    17. Change of Scenery

      This person made a guest wallpaper that was featured on the front page. That certainly deserves a shiny. :)

    18. Magnificent Modder

      The wizards of binary digits deserve recognition great! For those who have contributed greatly to the modding community in some way.

    19. Time to Make the Wallpapers!

      Awarded to Ms. Fetalstar for drawing amazing Starbound concept art and wallpapers.

    20. Amazing Post

      And I say: HEYYYEYYYEYYYYEEE HEEEEYEEEEYEEEE, I said HEY, that's a good post.

    21. Random Act of Kindness

      For doing good acts, the Whimsical Daisy of Appreciation shines its playful appreciation upon those who would increase the Order and Harmony of the universe.

    22. Helpin' Everybody

      Like ancient Snorlax of yore, these folks provide a light in the darkness, guiding the lost, and ultimately providing insight and clarity.

    23. Vector Squared

      Awarded for being a contributor to the community-run weekly newspaper, Vector Squared!

    24. The Starbound Chronicle

      Awarded for contributing to Starbound's monthly newsletter, The Starbound Chronicle!

    25. Altruistic Artist

      Awarded to those who have lent their artistic talents to other community members for free, either through holding contests or taking art requests. Thanks for being awesome!

    26. Welcome to Goodburger

      Like a masked vigilante, swooping down upon the masses with handshakes and appropriate reaction gifs, you welcome loads of new people to the forums! You're great.

    27. Constructive Critic

      Providing helpful feedback and uplifting folks all at the same time. All in a day's work.

    28. Over 9000!!

      Had the 9001st post!