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  1. Surenu
    Surenu ActualBirdLady
    Are you like actually an actual bird?
  2. Moor Al-Malik
    Moor Al-Malik
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    2. Surenu
      Hon Hon Hon
      Aug 21, 2019 at 10:16 PM
  3. J3ank4
    esperando gran actualizaciĆ³n y grandes mods!!
  4. Catherine Franz
    Catherine Franz Joseph K
    Not sure why ye deleted the mod,it's really fun too (for me I guess,time to keep that one mod now)
    I enjoy mods with challenges like that return to earth / ancient trial ye made > w>
    1. Joseph K
      Joseph K
      Thanks, I'll try to get Return to Earth working again as soon as possible.
      Aug 20, 2019 at 5:16 PM
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  5. DonaNguyen
  6. Morden
    Morden Joseph K
    It's my right to judge a mod by any criteria I damn well please. But if I *had* been rating the mod based only on that one section, I would have only given it one star. The reason I gave it three stars is because I factored in the rest of the mod.
    1. Joseph K
      Joseph K
      Well I guess that's fair, but the idea of the maze is its supposed to be long and difficult. If you don't like hard then I'd avoid this mod.
      Aug 19, 2019 at 6:21 PM
  7. Roke Eagle
    Roke Eagle
    The Birdman has returned to work on the mod itself!
  8. STdamian
  9. General Nuclear
  10. General Nuclear
  11. Riskyxwolf3
  12. Kazzy_the_Drocemor
  13. Pacman6511
    After time has passed, honestly I've gotten really creative and honestly written down ideas myself and I've gotten into Trp with friends too
  14. DellTheNovakid
  15. Pohany
    You're a bit on the slow side, aren't you?
  16. Loxcy3
  17. Loxcy3
    building is fun...
  18. PineappleWarrior
  19. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
    So lets starts from the bottom, Where did your problems first begin?
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    2. Surenu
      Around 3 AM, October 3, 1991 when I was born. Things have gone downhill from there.
      Aug 16, 2019
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    3. General Nuclear
      General Nuclear
      *Calculating sounds* So you feel that being *surenu's own recorded voice* [Born] have let you [downhill] on a path that you can not stray from. Am i right?
      Aug 16, 2019
  20. Nickthegreat
    Wow I totally forgot about this account, hey guys!
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    2. Surenu
      Woop woop
      Aug 16, 2019