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  1. Tostytost
    refining my modding skills to fix my old mods, and even make new ones! im back and ready to learn!
  2. soldierfast90
    No peace without war. No war without peace.
  3. Apple Kid
    Apple Kid
    Update is coming...
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    2. General Nuclear
      General Nuclear
      Brace your shelf.
      Jul 23, 2019 at 12:47 PM
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  4. Omicron445
    I know I should probably write another witty original status, but I think my last one was pretty underrated so just look at that one instead
  5. pkot3409
    pkot3409 CJB
    I have everything installed, the mods placed in the correct folder, but they don't seem to show up in my game. I have the cheat menu and item spawner installed. I have mac. please please please help!
  6. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
    Never get dis encourage by watching other peoples work that are better then yours. instead get encourage seeing what is possible to make.
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  7. Iroaseta
    FFS when someone copied your mod 100% in Steam...
  8. General Nuclear
  9. DakChannel
  10. zennixAL
  11. niyo1
    I exist, i guess?
  12. RedEmRa ore of universes
  13. theflamingchuthulu
    Funny it says 'Industrial Terraformer' because I've been working on some more industrious worlds lately.
  14. Aikiro42
    Gonna leave for college a week from now :D
  15. jdmx
    until i die, its diy
  16. ArcboundX
    ArcboundX Dizor
    Very good job on the portraits you did back in 2016 for Wizard/Sandy/Mr. Qi/Bouncer/Marlon/Gil, they are probably the best ones going around, still using them to this day, any chance you'll do some more work on them or some other related projects for the nexus in the future?
  17. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
    What i have been up to lately? oh well you know the usual, just being a mentally unstable potato head and all of that.
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  18. Sgt.fox170
  19. Ruin
  20. Merdas
    trying to create npc for stardew valley, a newbie but damn, I WILL DO MY BEST (lets out a battle cry)
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    2. General Nuclear
      General Nuclear
      Make another hobo
      Jul 17, 2019 at 4:20 PM
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