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  1. Rosalie
  2. Gem-
  3. Pohany
    "Got chrome in ma' bloodsteam Got a HotWired Metal Soul I'm craving serious sex But thats thanks to rock 'n' roll."
    1. Parrotte
      Y-you might want to get a doctor if someone has chrome in their bloodstreams.
      Feb 17, 2019 at 8:39 PM
  4. ra13th
    im just regular, everyday normal.........
  5. MissCoriel
    If you have dialogue/event/NPC questions.. please don't hesitate.
  6. General Nuclear
  7. NeuronSK
    NeuronSK MizuJakkaru
    Hi Mizu, I love your sprites! I am a hobbyist coder hoping to make my first game, and I have an idea of a gardening game. I’m not much of an artist so I was wondering if I could use your sprites in it, would that be ok?
  8. Iris Blanche
    Iris Blanche Sir_JaWa
    Haihai. I fixed your player file and edited my response in the topic and attached the fixed file.
  9. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
  10. Norris
    Norris sayter
    Hello, the mod is wonderful. I found one flaw in the Densinium blade sprite. When you attack the trail from the blade is a little goes back of the character. Please fix it.
  11. Eli_Shane
    Eli_Shane BlueLeafeon
    This is a list of the latest mods that I updated. avikan, FrackinRaces-5.2.24, Galactic Shops 4.2.7, lucario, ImmersiveProps-1.6.5, PropPack, The Saturnians1-2-0-2, FrackinUniverse-5.6.285, Starbound-RPG-Growth11c.
    It's all.
  12. Eli_Shane
    Eli_Shane BlueLeafeon
    [Error] Object pethouserolliepollie defined twice, second time from /objects/spawner/rolliepollie_pethouse/pethouserolliepollie.object
    [Error] Object cardboardbed defined twice, second time from /objects/cat/cardboardbed.object
  13. Eli_Shane
    Eli_Shane BlueLeafeon
    Found an error mod Playable Cats Version 4.0 when the game closes.
    [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (MonsterException) Error loading monster type '/monsters/pets/rolliepollie/rolliepollie.monstertype'
  14. Eli_Shane
    Eli_Shane sayter
    I have a question on the FrackinUniverse fashion. If you pack it in the .pak archive. Will it work and the speed of reading the .pak file will be faster?
    1. sayter
      yes. but you will need to do that for every release
      Feb 15, 2019 at 3:48 PM
    2. Eli_Shane
      Archive packed now the game began to work faster. Thanks.
      Feb 15, 2019 at 3:59 PM
  15. luispt
    luispt Entoarox
    Hello. Can you update FarmAutomation.ItemCollector Stardew Valley mod so it can run on the lastest SMAPI pls? (sorry for my bad english :p)
    1. Entoarox
      1) Not my mod
      2) Check the wiki, its been replaced
      3) I am currently not available to mod
      Feb 15, 2019 at 2:05 PM
  16. Ladysamanchu
    I need the rabbit foot
  17. DaraSilverDragon
    DaraSilverDragon Hiuki
    Hey there - some folks making a starbound API to add extra functions and animations is adding a bunch of support for user-made races. They don't have the Kazdra though, and I've never wanted to play any other race than this. Does this forum have private messaging or something so I can talk to you about maybe letting them support your mod?
  18. Cryptoid
    I'm following too many people
    1. General Nuclear likes this.
  19. Killey The Killer
    Killey The Killer Joseph K
    I've seen your last video, very cool. I haven't defeated the master the time I have played the game but I have been impressed by it s aggressive pattern.
    Do you know you can capture the T rex? It s the purpose of the lv 5 gem.
  20. moremuffin
    Mainly playing Girls Frontline and Anthem atm.