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  1. Yumiru
    Planet Sodamilk is back under renovation! Transferred my universe to a new computer.
  2. Diamond Warlock
    Diamond Warlock .Lavender.
    hi is it possible for you to make a Kaede Akamatsu Npc Mod? or Make a clothes mod for her?
  3. tapioca64
  4. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
    Big of heart, dumb of ass.
  5. Phoenykx
    Mop, huh? ...Mother of Phoenixes ;D
  6. General Nuclear
    General Nuclear
    At war with depression, that bastard!, but i am still working on my game, Really wish i had someone to help me.
  7. Magicarpounet
    I have no idea what I'm doing here, I just wanted a map ;-;
  8. ImHereForTheMods
    Racial Weapon Megamod V2.0.0 Coming Soon!
  9. Vorktus
    Vorktus Pangaea
    Can you delete my account? The contact email in the Privacy Policy is unreachable ( Thanks.
  10. Ambose
    wat da dog doin?
  11. GeekyRaptor
  12. GeekyRaptor
    GeekyRaptor bk3k
    Hi I am now recieving the same error from that on post, and I am willing to give you the enitre log, but here is a snippet of what I am talking about
    Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ObjectException) Error loading object '/objects/shop/decoration/redgyutarimbdeocred1.object': (MaterialException) Error loading mod file /tiles/mods/stardust.matmod
  13. AbsoluteXero
    Obligatory "I'm still not dead, real life is just being difficult" update
  14. Iris Blanche
  15. Jesus H. Christ
    Jesus H. Christ
    legit died 4 u sinners cos i felt like it
  16. giantghoster
    this site is so hard to navigate
  17. Nordy_Cheese
  18. Mewbone
    Yearly updates with Mewbone, settled into my apartment now, it's pretty chill being independent.
  19. SnickerBerries
  20. NexusTheBrony
    someone hacked my gravatar. working on fixing it