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Year 1 Spring Guide: How to Make Money and Underwhelm People (TL;DR: Fish and then Plant)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shoukry, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Shoukry

    Shoukry Star Wrangler

    You would have saved up to 6,500g by chopping, but you still would have been short ~6,000g if you filled all of the plots with Melons or Blueberries. Silos are cheap too: 200g. The cows are 6,000g and the chickens are 3,200g. I guess I'm slightly confused now how you made less than 110,000g if you bought all of that now. Do you have an upload.farm link, by chance?

    Regardless, yes, I had the Greenhouse in Spring, and it coupled with the Joja membership is 40,000g; but I had some extra rainy days and some good RNG with getting a lot of Catfish bites on said rainy days, which made for some really nice profits. I didn't sell any Catfish before I had Angler, which means, if all the Catfish were basic, the least I would made off of Catfish is ~17,000g. Most were gold, however. So the number is closer to 25,000g. It's a decent chunk of change from one fish. The faster Fisher and Angler (especially Angler) are reached, the more money you will passively earn by refraining from immediately selling fish with the heavy dosage of fishing in the first two weeks. I would hazard to guess that, because I've done this start several times before and I've had practice with it, I might do a bit better than someone doing it for the first time.

    It is great you are trying to do more with animals in your game: I very much want to do a foraging/ranching playthrough (finally) next, and try to make Leah like me. Maybe I will even rebuild the Community Center again so Emily alone will wander inside once a month, or however infrequently it is. More often than not, I would rebuild it if the villagers used it or if it meant more in the game; but since it stays unoccupied for the most part, why bother?
    • Reuter

      Reuter Seal Broken

      No. I don't use that site ever. I'm pretty sure it was under 110k. I restarted a lot of days to lol. Trying to follow your guide I forgot a lot of things. Usually I forgot selling things in the morning for the upgrades and i'd remember in the middle of the day and restart or that I needed to upgrade a tool and I didn't make any bars for it yet.

      What do you do during summer? How do you guys get so many kegs by the winter like in your screenshots? I feel kinda lost now because I've never had this much stuff and i feel like I've been wasting the days until my blueberries harvest cuz I have to much time without watering things. I'm on the 9th and I have a couple days before the blueberries harvest and I can't catch the stupid sturgen for the fish bundle. I want to get the 10million achievement before the 2nd year ends.
      • kners

        kners Intergalactic Tourist

        Make as many quality sprinklers as you can (and iridium if you have) until you have no more space.
        Also many many tappers for oak and then many many kegs for all this crops u will get.
        For sturgeon just buy Iridium rod and trap bobber.
        • Shoukry

          Shoukry Star Wrangler

          I'll try to keep this as short as possible... I can extrapolate more if you need.
          A bit like @kners stated, I would recommend to expand your farm a wee bit more and get the Iridium Rod with either the Trap Bobber or Cork Bobber. (I prefer the Trap Bobber, but I know some like the bigger fishing bar.) Typically, I end up with about 100 Quality Sprinklers outside, which is 800 crops. This many crops is more than enough to get you to the 10 million gold if they are processed. Since I have no idea what your money situation is or anything else other than what you had on Summer 1, I will simply assume you have done nothing else to expand.

          Summer Recommendations
          • Mining for more Quality Sprinkler mats on Summer 9-11 to reach 100 Quality Sprinklers
          • Plant Melon Seeds in any available sprinkler plots on Summer 12 -- do not water unless you are hellbent on using the watering can
          • Harvest Melons on Summer 25; plant Wheat Seeds to replace
          • Decide if you want Pumpkins or Cranberries in Fall -- I recommend Pumpkins with Deluxe Speed-Gro for 3 reasons: (1) the initial cost is less than Cranberries (144,000g vs. 192,000g); (2) three Pumpkin harvests is more profitable than 5 Cranberries harvests (540,800g vs. 464,000g); (3) 2,400 Pumpkins takes much less effort to process than 8,000 Cranberries
          • Wheat will be reaped on Fall 1 (save it for Kegs); dead Blueberries can be cleared on Fall 1: all fields will be hoed, watered, and ready to plant
          • If you want Pumpkins, save 64,000g for 800 Deluxe Speed-Gro from Sandy on Summer 25
          • Chop trees, fraternize with the villagers, and mine until 5 PM any other day. Do what you want, really. Be at the Ocean by 6 PM and fish your nights away. Super Cucumbers come out at 6 PM and Halibut come out at 7 PM and everything else disappears. So you are either catching Super Cucumbers, Halibut, or Seaweed for the rest of the night. Super Cucumbers will be 562g and Halibut will be 180g. 8-10 Super Cucumber catches are plausible from 6-2. Good money for a third of a day of fishing.
          • If you want Kegs, (I like Kegs; less upkeep: I’m lazy) plant as many acorns as you have and mine copper and iron in the mornings
          Fall Recommendations
          • All plots should be hoed and watered on Fall 1 already so plant your crops
          • Spend your day how you want and continue to fish in the Ocean at night if you need money
          • If you want Preserves Jars, (higher upkeep; better gold per day if constantly filled) I would just buy them: 50 Wood, 40 Stone, and 8 Coal is 2,500g apiece. Save 400g if you want to buy Wood and turn it into Coal yourself in the Charcoal Kiln. (I’m lazy and don’t want to tend the Kilns every 30 minutes.) Two Sheds, 1.5 Barns, or 1 Deluxe Barn full of Preserves Jars (~130) will process all of your Pumpkins by your first Spring harvest. Selling 60% of your first Pumpkin harvest, as is, will buy an entire Shed of Preserves Jars if you don’t want to fish or mine to craft them. Three batches of Pickled Pumpkins will be done by the next harvest, (197,000g) which can buy you the next Shed and 68 Preserves Jars if you want to be lazy again
          Winter Recommendations
          • Buy ~100 Deluxe Speed-Gro from Sandy on Fall 25
          • Forage the first three days and make as many foragable Wild Seeds (Wi) as possible; turn any extra Winter Roots into Wild Seeds (Wi) in the Seed Maker
          • Plant all Wild Seeds (Wi) with Deluxe Speed-Gro on Winter 3; you will probably have at least 60 with the 30 from the Community Center bundle
          • Buy a few hundred more Deluxe Speed-Gro on Winter 4 (Replenish Deluxe Speed-Gro on untilled spaces for 5-day harvests every time); continue buying more Deluxe Speed-Gro on Thursdays from Sandy -- buy enough Deluxe Speed-Gro for Spring on Winter 18 because she is closed on Winter 25
          • Craft Wild Seeds (Wi) from the harvested foragables every five days (you should max at 800 plots by the fourth planting); make more packs with any foragables you find off of the farm; replant Wild Seeds (Wi) on Winter 28 for hoed and watered plots on Spring 1; make enough packs for next Winter; sell extra Winter Roots, Crocuses, and Snow Yams; and process the Crystal Fruit
          • Keep building Kegs
          In Year 2, three Starfruit harvests of 800 that are kegged, and three Pumpkin harvests of 800 each that are pickled is almost 10 million excluding everything else. ~220 Kegs and ~130 Preserves Jars should do it.
            Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
          • ihateyu

            ihateyu Space Hobo

            Wanted to nick this thread from its final throes before it is forever buried because very few, unique posters have commented. I want to say I'm not a min/maxer, nor am I a fan of this type of playstyle. Although I detest min/maxing, I find I take bits and pieces from various guides and meld them into my playstyle because I'm a fan of guides, and the meticulous detail you've put into this is tops. I especially enjoy the notes as it's simple to hear your voice in them compared to the rote, line-by-line instructions. I wanted to implore you to continue to write guides, as you mentioned this is your first, and it is a good, albeit lengthy, guide. I've no idea what kinds of guides, owing to the nature of the game, but...something. Cheers.

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