Why aren't there any families or children NPCs?

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by RyanBurgers, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. RyanBurgers

    RyanBurgers Orbital Explorer

    I believe there should be children in villages and cities because it would add to the towns. Maybe they would look at you like: " Wow a spaceship pilot!" and they would be a smaller version of their family and have a different voice. It would be a great addition.
  2. Palicence

    Palicence Astral Cartographer

    While this would be a great addition to the game it is unfortunate that this would take a ton of coding that I don't think they would care to do. Also only a few of the races could have children since Glitch are created at adulthood and Novakid don't have children. So I guess that would lessen the workload a bit.
  3. IxFa

    IxFa Big Damn Hero

    There was a kids mod some time back. I think it stopped being supported though.
  4. KingDragonMage

    KingDragonMage Master Chief

    this in my opinion is a very good idea. i would like to see little aliens running throughout a village. also there is a kid for the first mission, the child floran.
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  5. Mirroruniverse

    Mirroruniverse Master Chief

    Nuru mentions in one of her banters that she's 17 summers old, she's hardly a child by human standards. Another problem with children is: how do you handle firestorms / meteor swarms / homicidal players? Invincible children watching their town and everyone in it get destroyed? Or destroyable child npcs, which would open another can of worms... Perhaps not suited for a light-hearted game. I'd love to see children in a happy context though, it's what I build my colonies towards: to provide a place for humans to live and repopulate! :nuruhappy:
  6. Messyart

    Messyart Orbital Explorer

    Allowing kids in games where players can kill people is tricky in many countries. :p
  7. Bersalius

    Bersalius Space Hobo

    Maybe kids could appear as our colonists get maried. So instead of paying for 1, they first pay for 2 (the wife/husband) then they pay for 3 or 4 people (their kids). That would deppend on how big is the house you gave them in first place. The colony would feel sooo alive this way... Maybe the kids could be playing around, runing and even exploring dangerous places, so you recieve a quest to rescue them. They could be imortal, and if your colonist (their dad/mom) dies, the entire family realocates (vanish) and you have to start again.

    This would make colonies more lucrative, and would add motivation to complete their quests, so they can "upgrade".

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