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What races do you want to be in game?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Spacefawx, Mar 20, 2012.

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What races do you want to be in game?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Spacefawx, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Spacefawx

    Spacefawx Big Damn Hero

    :raccoon:Would you like if there were was playable races in-game and in that case what?

    I'll write down your ideas/the things you wanna be here, heres an example
    Creature - Username

    List of things people want to be in the game.

    Raccoon - Breather
    Merfolk - Doctor ragnarok
    Short fuzzy thing - Bonabopn
    Android - 777eza
    Argonian - JohnDevince
    Shark man on steriods - spacekurd
    A DJ muffin - Inkheart
    Khajjit like race - Neko
    Squid - SagginPT
    Elves - Bjorn
    Doll - Alice the pupeteer
    Dovakiin - Gredd18
    Klingon - d3v3l
    demon - snakedysnake
    octopi - ockpii
    parrot/eagle - ockpii
    lizard - ockpii
    android - space core
    Penguins - artist1million
    square - *Hi
    ice being that looks sorta like an elf - frozen
    turian - supersonicclassic
    marsian green, tall, and antennae typical alien - Quae_116:alien:
    Zombie - Maplestrip
    Some kind of interdimensional being that lives in the Space between Universes. Looks like a tall, golden humanoid with a blulbous head. Named the Qu'Arathiu. - ayeaye13
    a race that lives in hot places it looks devilish - mrawesome
    Lazor llamas - spacefawx
    turtles - lazor llama
    Quarians - MagikPigon
    An Elemental. So a fire ball (or water droplet or whatever) within some armor. It has a humanoid shape. - H-Alo
    Treeman - ipal3000
    I would want to be a humanoid gelatinous monster. They're extremely classy. - Bakazi
    Human. Because I can :p - MrTasty
    Spirit of pure dark energy. - TheEnderman
    Shade, would look similar to pic and have a Phase walk ability that would last 30 seconds and turn you into a ghost with no collision. - Arsikava
    Crab-men race with a highly armored exo-skeleton - Ariskava
    Bionicle because i could get masks and be loads of elements - Ducky pill
    Buggers like the ones in Ender's Game - Alexblex
    Illithid - squid folks - Vegetable Lamb

    Robot Unicorns - they deserve blazing revenge after that ios game... - Vegetable Lamb
    Cat folk - Vegetable Lamb
    Tengu - Vegetable Lamb
    Ents - yes, we need plant people - Vegetable Lamb
    Shadow People - Vegetable Lamb
    • Breather

      Breather Master Astronaut

      I wanna be a raccoon. Nuff said.
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      • Doctor Ragnarok

        Doctor Ragnarok Former Staff

        If I've heard right, there already will be some to choose from with possible mixing, though I've nothing concrete on that. I'd like to see some sort of merfolk.
        • Symbiote-Mullet

          Symbiote-Mullet Space Spelunker

          Even if the only options are skin-colour change and a few prosthetic options (like what star trek did) I think that many people will be happy!
          Wether these have any in-game effect besides looking nice is another thing entirely.
          Would racial traits be good or not? I am not sure. What do you think?
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          • Bonabopn

            Bonabopn Fluffiest Fox

            I wanna be a Jakkai! :D
            But Jakkai are ┬ęChu so i'll be happy with just short fuzzy things. c:
            • 777eza

              777eza Phantasmal Quasar

              Android I'll be liked by humans and robots.
              • JohnDevince

                JohnDevince Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Argonian! From Oblivion (I ain't saying skyrim because they made them look ugly D:) But I mean who doesn't want unlimited breath with bad breath?
                ~ John
                • 777eza

                  777eza Phantasmal Quasar

                  Least you didn't pick Argonians from morrowind whats that you can't ware pants

                  Edit - huh ain't I a monkeys uncle your right Bonabopn I thought it was greaves but I'm wrong
                  • Bonabopn

                    Bonabopn Fluffiest Fox

                    Shoes and full helms, you mean. Silly!
                    • spacekurd

                      spacekurd Over 9000!!!

                      A sharklike humanoid on steroid.
                      • Inkheart

                        Inkheart Big Damn Hero

                        A DJ muffin.
                        • M C

                          M C Spaceman Spiff

                          space goblins, just for a space goblin army :D
                          • SagginPT

                            SagginPT Space Penguin Leader

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                            • Neko

                              Neko Astral Cartographer

                              I want to be some Kahjii't-like race. For the ignorant people who haven't played Elder Scrolls games, Kahjii't are humanoid cats.
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                              • Bjorn

                                Bjorn Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Elves :3!
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                                • Mia-Hime

                                  Mia-Hime Guest

                                  I want to be a doll!
                                  • Bonabopn

                                    Bonabopn Fluffiest Fox

                                    ...That sounds creepy o.o
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                                    • Mia-Hime

                                      Mia-Hime Guest

                                      The creepy things are EPIC! :geek:
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                                      • d3v3l

                                        d3v3l Guest

                                        Klingon, I know this would be off topic but I would love to see a summoner class like necromancer from d2, just an idea :)
                                        • snakedysnake

                                          snakedysnake Astral Cartographer

                                          i want to be a demon :giggle:
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