Spooky Weird Dreamz Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KookyKeronian, Feb 22, 2015.


What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

  1. Dreams

  2. Nightmares

  3. Lucid Dreams

  4. I never dream!

  1. Tlactl

    Tlactl Star Wrangler

    I dont like the Stargazers or the concept of the protectorate
  2. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Phantasmal Quasar

    Lately I was playing Black Mesa and I actually love the cooling part of the Lambda sector, so I had a dream where I was in a SCP site (yeah once again) with the average SCPs like SCP-106 that I was unable to recontain properly (for those who don't see which one is it please be aware that he is scary). Sooo many things happen, like the average breach stuff that happen in the foundation but it was not that scary, it even ended up with a tickling battle with one of my friend (it's probably because I always said that she is weird as a SCP). /o/
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  3. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I had one of the weirdest dreams I can remember some days ago. I was in a class, then a woman turned her chair back to me and winked at me, telling me to look for her later.
    After I've got out from the classroom I went off to take a shower but I noticed I was in the middle of a effing hospital combined with a shopping mall. I managed to find her but she was completely different. She guided me, her hand on my waist, and as we were walking we SUDDENLY crossed a wall.
    Inside there was a small room with some people and a disfigured-faced man, I asked her if it was Satan she said yes in a low voice and then I greeted "Sup Satan"! which he replied back "Sup dude". He was sitting on a chair with a desk in front of it (both normal) and then he put on the table a pamphlet with many soul-trading deals. I refused it and I've begun to climb a carpet on a mini-forest that opened in the rear of the room. Then for no reason at all I've begun to climb the carpet/whatsoever, and as I'd climb more it would begin to be hot and then have ACID on it, I've fell down when I've reached that point, then I tried a few more times...then I woke up.

    I love random dreams, seriously. But what I really wish to have in my dreams is a lucid dream.
  4. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Phantasmal Quasar

    That's epic dude.X3

    Some days ago I was at the Japan Expo in Paris with two friends, and in the night of the first day I had a dream where one of my friends I've invited were sad so I offer her a black duckling, so I let him in a blue tub so he can swim but a kind of tentacle monster starts to strangle him, so I started to pump air in one of the tentacle in order to make it explode (yes there's way better ways to kill a tentacle monster) but
    the explosion beheaded the duckling
    , so I was feeling really bad.. ^^'
    I hope it's not too scary/perturbating. x)
  5. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Poor duckling. May he quack in peace now.

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