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Spooky Weird Dreamz Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KookyKeronian, Feb 22, 2015.


What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

  1. Dreams

  2. Nightmares

  3. Lucid Dreams

  4. I never dream!

  1. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Astral Cartographer

    Today's dream was something, I didn't had for a very long time. It was intense, too real (yet fantastical), and that's the reason, why I call it half-nightmare... It may sounds like a nonsense, but... it makes sense at all, at least for me, unfortunately...
    I was in the train to Paris, where I was supposed to see a some sort of strange event near Eiffel's Tower. When I'd arrived there, I've find out, that some people had died. just in the front of it without known reason. Investigation has started and I was going to interrogate some people. After that, I'd know that some cult is behind this, and the same cult was the cause of several other crimes from around the world; Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary or Italy, to name a few. That cult has been called 'The Black Snakes' aka 'Necromancers', and they were my enemies number 1,

    Two days later, I've got a message from a girl, who's states that she knows, who I am, what secret I have, and where are they hiding. She also states, that we should met each other next morning in the 'Café Magnifico', to discuss 'some things'.

    In the morning of next day, when I've sitting in this bar, I've seen her, walking toward me with angry face. Immediatly, when she was near me, she slaped my face and said : "You son of a b***h! Why did you leave me?" Then I've realized I know her. (She is one of the character from my project)
    After our sharp exchange of words, she said the exact location of Necromancers and their plan : they want do destroy Eiffel's Tower and then enter to the dungeons under it to perform some dark ritual, which can summon demons.

    The next thing I remember, I was sitting near lake with her. I'd embraced her, both covered in blood, exhausted, and deppresed. The sun was almost behind the horizon, and Paris behind our back was in flames. We heard, how people screaming and suffer, how demons roaming the streets and killing everyone, who encounter. We knew it was global, and nobody can't stop this madness.
    "This... is the end?" she said.
    "I guess... We will die, and we can't change that. We can live longer, if we run, but... we'll die sooner or later."
    Tears has appeared in her eyes. This was the first time I saw her crying. I've never felt so... destroyed.

    Suddenly, the sun was cover by some large flying object, which throwed shadow to our bodies.
    "What is that?" she said and pointed towards flying object on the sky.
    And then I've recognized that object. It was a spaceship... my spaceship.
    "This... this is our chance to stop demons from destroying everything. This is our chance to live."
    We stand up.
    But right after that, she was pounded to the ground by demon, who leaped on her, and sliced her neck with his claw, but she was still alive. The demon looked at me, and then he cut her body to two halfs...

    I've woke up, and my heart never beated so fast.

    I love and hate this kind of dreams at the same time...
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  2. Tlactl

    Tlactl Intergalactic Tourist

    A few nights ago I dreamt that there was an asteroid that was hurtling towards earth, so we had to evacuate it. We went to a launch pad with a massive rocket on it (for some reason the rocket was in the middle of a large city) and right before the launch some debris hit the launch tower and the whole rocket started to tip over. We launched anyways and flew to safety, and after that everyone was celebrating. The caption was celebrating with us and no one was steering, so we crashed into the moon. I don't really remember anything after that
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