RELEASED TimeSpeed (unofficial) 2.0.3

Provides time speed configuration.

  1. LasurDragon

    LasurDragon Astral Cartographer

    Ok, setting them to null may cause an issue, this should be fixed in the next version.
    But better option would be to use "None" and this one should work fine.

    Just tried it in coop with "Coop" in config and it worked fine. You can be certain of current location name using this simple mod.
    If it matches name set in config but time settings are not applied, then I'll need to investigate this further.
    • Bingle Dack

      Bingle Dack Tentacle Wrangler

      Tested it, works. Thanks!

      Just got it to work with "Deluxe Coop" (and "Deluxe Barn" for the upgraded barn). Guess my problem was that I only tried the file names found in /maps, while the "Deluxe ..." names for the upgraded farm buildings are from /Buildings.
      • LasurDragon

        LasurDragon Astral Cartographer

        • Smallcorners

          Smallcorners Space Penguin Leader

          A bit delayed as I have had this for about a week, but thank you, so much for keeping this mod up and running.
          • Smallcorners

            Smallcorners Space Penguin Leader

            I have not loaded Timespeed 1.2 yet, but did download SMAPI 1.9 - please see the attached files.
            I had in play after that stopped time, played well, traveled to the desert without issue, but coming back the screen blacked out and started to buzz. I eventually had to X out of it. There was no specific errors noted in the file after I stopped time, just the fact that I had.

            I will load Timespeed 1.2 in a moment.

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            • BabyPunter3000

              BabyPunter3000 Tentacle Wrangler

              how do I keep time automatically frozen indoors (and do the two mines count as "indoors")? Do I just replace the number of seconds with null?

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