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    Trying to come up with a better presentation, as the page as-is feels like new information was just staplegunned onto an old page, and nothing but short paragraphs doesn't really feel like a good way of relaying info to the player.

    I've got a start on how each Tier section might could be organized and presented with Tier 1. Certainly open to what I might have missed or different organization.
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    It should be noted that missions and environments are balanced to be explored with armor Tier one lower than themselves, and balanced to be easy to explore with Tiers equal to themselves.

    For example:
    • Lush planets (Tier 1) are mildly threatening with no armor (Tier 0), but easy with iron armor (Tier 1) and above.
    • Forest and desert planets (Tier 2) are mildly threatening with iron armor (Tier 1), very threatening with no armor (Tier 0), but easy with tungsten armor (Tier 2) and above.
    • Ocean, savannah and snow planets (Tier 3) are mildly threatening with tungsten armor (Tier 2), very threatening with iron armor (Tier 1), extremely threatening with no armor (Tier 0), but easy with tungsten armor (Tier 3) and above.
    And on and on it goes.

    It's not exactly how it should be worded, but I think your note on Erchius Mining Facility isn't entirely correct. It's set up to be played through on Tier 1 so that it's mildly challenging instead of a walk in a park, and it serves as the opening for Tier 2, with the next destination being forest planets. It's the same with the Floran mission, which is the opening for Tier 3, with next destination being ocean planets.

    Just like the visual guide shows:


    It's not official, but it demonstrates progression order well.
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    When the Difficulty page got its rework, someone else added that a Tier/difficulty doesn't actually get "easy" until you have gear from the Tier above the current area. Below-Tier gear is hard, at-Tier is manageable, above-Tier easy... which gels with my general experiences with the game. And the Erchius Mine is NEVER NOT a challenge with T1 gear. Hell, I'd call it one of the game's bigger stumbling blocks (seriously something as simple as like halving the number of Moontants you face would be enough, the swarms are just too much at that level).

    But yeah, there's still lots of flavor-text adding and massaging to be done. Mainly I'm wondering if I'm missing anything listy-wise in the individual Tiers. I'll put together Tier 2 in a little bit so there's some progression sampling, explaining how "open" the game gets at that point, etc.
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    That's weird, I never had issues with the Erchius Mining Facility with iron armor at all, and all my problems with dying regularly on, say, an Alien planet vanished as soon as I got myself titanium armor.
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    The mining mission was never any trouble in early armor. I mean, yeah,you might take some damage, but its not that hard to go slow and pick them off one at a time.
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    Okay, I've gone through the first two Tiers and I think I've included at least most "categories" of whatever would need to be in a Tier section. Anyone think of something important missing in those sections?
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    This looks fantastic so far
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    Okay, save the "Beta development" sector which I gotta dig for but honestly could be {{stub}}ed since it's not important must-know info, I THINK the Tier revamp is done. Anyone got any additions/issues before this goes live?

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