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Stormus Warmagian - Excerpt from diary of Last Wizard

Discussion in 'Writing' started by I_am_the_Storm, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Astral Cartographer

    Stormus Warmagian - Excerpt from diary of Last Wizard has been made as a example of my writing style and to show you my writing skill and abilites.
    This particular episode isn't from actual story, but instead it serve as a 'test', how good or bad my concept is. It's created aside from the story, but lore, characters, previous events and such, are identical.
    If you want some more information about lore, background story, events, characters, current races or whatever shows up in you mind, let me know, either on this thread, my profile page, or via PM.
    Also, your thoughts and opinions are very appreciated. (And sorry for possible grammar mistakes)

    Jimmy Stonewell 'Stormus Warmagian' is 20 year old man with magical abilites. He has gained his magicial skills via 'Crystals of Warmagians' when he accidentaly scratched himself by one piece of this crystal. He owns a spaceship called 'Celticstar' and alongside with several friends, he decided to leave Earth and travel to planet named Meb'sharan in other galaxy. But they have ended in the uknown part of universe, without known chance to return.

    Kroo'nickaa - Self-proclaimed Goddess of Death, leader of Necromancers
    Inclans - Ancient civilization created by uknown being, formed from magic, machines, and living organisms.
    Nuans - Nation of inteligent reptiles
    Qaers - Nation of human-like beings, some of them are 'born' with wings, which are considered as a blessing of Maralei, the God of Qaers
    Darakhis - One of the Dragon Brothers, most powerful and intelligent
    Tartolis - Qaer's City underneath the surface on planet Veina, destroyed by Inclans

    Jimmy Stonewell - Warmagian/Human, male, 20 years
    Reina Velane - Human, female, 19 years, Carmaen's sister
    Carmaen Velane - Human/Intelligence of Celticstar, female, 20 years, Reina's sister
    Frank Smaller - Human, male, 20 years
    Crodos Shaz'zran - Nuan, male, age uknown
    Elizabeth D'Wheel - Qaer, female, age uknown
    Victoria MacMason - Human, female, 20 years

    DAY 19
    10.06 2017 Monday
    08:17 Celticstar - Dinning Room

    It's morning -well, at least I think, because space is alway dark-. and it's time to eat. I am the only one in dinning room, because others still sleeping, and I don't need much sleep nowadays. So... I have time to make some notes.
    First... It's been a while since anyone tried to attack us. No wonder they want us dead, after that 'incident' on Cars'Karesh. We are safe for now; we jumped from hyperspace, and Carmaen doesn't find anything, except for few planets. We are in the empty part of uknown galaxy and on the way to one from four planet in this system, where should be some sort of intelligent lifeforms. And because we are in the uknown corner of space, we don't know its name. I suppose we find it out right after we get there... I just hope we find there a better dealing with strangers than on Cars'Karesh.
    Second... We still don't know where we are. Carmaen has done some long-range scanning -or something like that- and she suggest, we should fly in one direction. I, personally, don't like this idea, especially when we don't know, what is out there. It can be everything... pirates, ships of Necromancers or something much worse. We all saw that medusa-like thing. It's miracle it doesn't has agressive behavior...
    And now to the other things.
    Elizabeth looks... calm. It's four days since Kroo'nickaa possesed her, and tried to kill Victor. Her scars on face are still visible, but they slowly fade out, so I hope they dissapear after few days. They freaks out Amanda, Frank, and... me too, to be honest.
    As for Victor... he still have broken arm from the fight with Kroo'nicka in the body of Elizabeth, and several schratches from her sword. Victoria treated him, so he will be fine.
    And Heather's behavior is still fine. She doesn't make any trouble with anyone, and she act nice. I think it will be good to quit her monitoring and allow her to enter previously forbidden rooms. I have a good feeling from her, so I'll ask others, if they agree.

    Well... that's enough for now, 'cause I'm starving like hell. So what do I get for breakfast? Hmm... by the look to the fridge I guess... oh no... Damn it! I hate thie purple meat, which smells like an old and used socks! Ahhhh... looks like I don't have other choice...
    Well, well... Frank and Reina comming into room.

    "Morning, dude..." said Frank
    "Hi, Jimmy! Did you eat something?" said Reina with hungry eyes
    Hungry eyes? That's a weird words. My mind-diary's auto-fillings are broken, I guess.
    "Hi. No, nothing. There's only this purple meat."
    "What? It tastes like a garbage. Even dog would'n eat this sh**!"
    "Our rations from Earth are gone?"
    "Yup. All of them."
    "Fu**... It's your fault, Frank! Your mouth is like endless abyss; you can eat everything and still you are hungry! Did you think about others, you devourer?"
    shouted Reina on Frank
    Wow... so much anger... and from nothing.
    "Jeez... calm down, girl! I've eat only if everyone eat. No midnight's raids on fridge, 'cause I know, we have a limited number of good'ol'Earth's food and food from depot taste like crap."
    "O-oh... I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated from all of this sh**y events... I'd needed to vent it out of me."
    "That's okay. We are all frustrated."
    "I guess it's better than nothing. At least, we have something to eat, even it's not tasteful."
    "Yeah... you're right."
    "So... I think I should cook them first. Do you want too?"
    "Sure, why not?"
    Looks like others woke up. I see Crodos, Elizabeth, and Victoria, how they entering to room, so Heather, Victor and Amanda are still sleeping.
    "Hi, people. Sleeping well?" I said right after they were in room
    "These beds are horrible. It may be better to sleep on the floor... Hey, Eliz? How can you sleep with wings? I can't even imagine, how it must be uncomfortable."
    "I'm not sleeping. I just meditate."
    "Uhm... okay."
    "We, Qaers, don't need sleep as humans. We can meditate to regain our strenght." said Elizabeth
    "And you, Crodos? Do you sleep?"
    "Yesss. My racse love sssleep. We had a contessstsss in it."
    "Wow... Hihi, humans would have won this contest."
    "I don't think ssso. Nuansss can sssleep up to fourty-two hoursss."

    Hahaha... Victoria is speechless. I love that sight...
    Everyone goes to the table and sits on the 'bench' thing. That reminds me, I'd forgot to clean up my blood under it... Did you see that, oh my future me? I'm getting old.

    "Are you hungry, guys? I want to make our beloved purple meat for breakfast."
    "Purple meat? That doesn't sounds good."
    "Yeah. You didn't tried them?"
    "Good for you, then."
    "Is that so bad?"
    "You can't even imagine that..."
    Damn... where do I put that frying pan? I swear I've put it here... I hope Crodos didn't use it for his drone-construction thing...
    "How 'bout you, my lizard friend? You doing well?"
    "I feel good. Thanksss for asssking." said Crodos, and he tried to smile
    Eh! Smiling lizard is very interesting sight.
    "Do you still feel Darakhis?"
    "Fortunately, no. I think, he isss too far from usss.“
    "That is a good sign. He is powerful being. Maybe like clear-blooded Inclans."
    "That's not a good sign. That means we are more than far from our home.

    I wonder if he has returned to Earth to finish his job with humans..."
    Stop, Frank!“
    Ugh... I'm just saying, if he did, then... you know, Jimmy is here and we don't know, when we will be able to return there.“
    IF we will be able to return...“
    "We'd barely survived and armies on Earth are not prepared for such contact."
    We find a way, I promise.“
    Heh... I don't think they believe me. I'm not a good liar.
    I hope you are not wrong, Jimmy.“
    What did I've just said? Ahh... I can't find my frying pan. I know I've put it there, but he's nowhere to be found. I don't want to cook with my magic! Last time, when I've used Caideri Ilumiane, the spell vent bad, and we were almost cooked alive in the Frank's car... I don't know what am I doing wrong...
    Me too.“
    "It just... doesn't seems fair to be traped here."
    "Fair? What is fair? Life is a bi**h and she doesn't know, what 'fair' means."

    Don't worry. There is a way and sooner or later, we find it... Carmaen?“
    Hmm... interesting. Carmaen doesn't responding to my call.
    Carmaen? Are you okay?“
    Hmm? Ah... sorry. I'm just busy...“ said Carmaen after while
    Yeah? That is... uncommon. What do you do?“
    Nah, doing some research. I've found something floating in space and... I'm not sure... it looks like a ship but... I don't see any circuits, energy or crew.“
    That's weird.“
    Yup. I'm pickin' up some strange things, but I can't figure out, what it is.“
    Shipwreck... maybe?“
    I don't think so... Give me a sec, I've just found something...“
    I have a bad feeling about this. Carmaen is silent for longer time than usually...
    Oh... sh**...!!“
    What's going on?“
    Jimmy? You should see it for youself...“
    What the fu**? I don't like her tone... Allright, I'll go to the pilot's cabin, then...
    Okay, I'm here and others are just right behind me.

    Where should I look?“
    Wait a moment, I'll zoom it for you... It's right in the middle.“
    I see that. It looks like the ships we saw on Cars'Karesh, but... it doesn't at the same time.“
    Exactly. Do you see that thing on the left side of the ship? Something green squirtin' from there...“
    Did you know, what it is?“
    No. Tell me.“
    It's blood.“
    My ears are malfunctioning...
    Right. It's blood. That ship is alive.“
    How can be ship alive? Ships are machines, they are just a pieces of iron... or whatever they are made from.“
    I don't know how it's possible. Find someone else to ask this question, Frank."
    "Any signs of movement?"
    "I'm not sure... I don't see any movement or signatures of activity, but... oh, hold on... looks like there is another thing...“
    What else?“
    I've pickin' up similiar thing as from Heather.“
    What do you mean?“
    Heather is hybrid. She is half Inclan, and half human, right?“
    So... I mean, that this 'ship' is half machine, half lifeform.“
    Oh, God...“
    Does Inclans created it?“
    Yes, I see same... how do I call it... eh, same 'aura', if you know what I mean.“
    So... Inclans create hybrids of ships, too. That's great...“
    "I've never heard they can create something like that. Their experiments with other races are widely known. They even created a hybrids of Qaers and Inclans, or Nuans and Inclans, but this... this is horrible."

    They are more advanced than we'd think... and cruel as well.“
    Yeah, unfortunately for us. We have ten days left, before whole Inclan's society will wake up and...“
    You don't know if they will wake up or whatever they'll do. You shouldn't take some old legend too seriously. Earth is full of things like this.“
    But you are not me. You don't have such responsibility like me. You are not reason. Although... the Inclans are not the most powerful civilization in known universe... at least, that stays in letter from Cillimus.“
    C'mon! Maybe that innkeeper in Tartolis had wrong informations, and whole legend is just nonsense.“
    I'm just saying, what I know. Inclans are real, and they can kill you in a blink of the eye. Even if the legend is...“
    Sorry for interruption, but we have a problem!“ screamed Carmaen
    What's happening?“
    That 'ship' is moving in our direction!“
    He is functional??“
    Yeah, and his weapon systems are active as well...!“
    FU**...! Carmaen!? Raise our shield and enable manual controls for me! Frank? You have the weapons!“
    Fu**ing sh**! As we don't have enough problems!
    They've just released a barrage of some sort of missiles!“
    How many?“
    Twenty missiles heading our way...! I don't think our shields will block them.“
    For fu**ing God's sake... Can't you be a little optimistic!?
    The missiles will hit us in three... two... one...!!!“

    ?THE END?

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