Some small concept/gameplay questions :)

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    Hey there :)

    I'm really glad to see, there still are more advance wars fans besides me, I'm really looking forward to to WarGroove ! I REALLY like the art directions, the game really looks stunning! :)

    As a long time advance wars fan I got some questions I couldn't find an answer for in the trailer though:

    1.) Will the units have passive boosts / penalties based on which hero you have picked?
    2.) Will heroes have special (active) abilities like in advance wars?
    3.) Will you be able to capture "factories" and produce units midgame? (I've seen money in the trailer)
    4.) Will there be fog of war in the final game?

    I still got countless more questions, but these are the most important ones for me xD
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    • Jack_Kéther

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      i thinks the awnsers for the first three questions are (obviously for me) :Yes
      it's the base of Advance war (and langrisser alias Warsong on sega megadrive)
      and it's an advance war like =)
      the idear of asking it never crossed my mind but that a good point, i thinks that good to clarify it with a modo awnser =)

      i stick to that thread to post my questions

      5.) can the game will support "touch screen"? (i'm a big traveller at foot so i can't affort to wear a computer on my back all the time)
      6.) modding; like starbound? as much as starbound? (if yes man that just awsome, but really difficult too for the modders yeah you know wargroove pixel art are way more difficult than starbound )
      7.) i see in the trailer, the game is at a pretty advanced stage, so no early acces or beta key ?
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      • Nth

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        I'm also curious to learn about the extent of the modding capabilities.

        Can units in the game be customized in anyway?
        Can units be given their own customized names to help with organization?
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