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    hehe. omg you guyss ;___;

    i know i've been out of it, i'm not very into forums because the need to make everything long form.

    i have still been in the realms of sdv though.

    here's an invite to the server; i am a mod there. pretty big place can get happening.
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    • Chelly Madock

      Chelly Madock Aquatic Astronaut

      Is it because of the map edit that you have the nicer pet area (the wooden floor, blanket, and two bowls), or is it another mod? I've been looking for something similar to that, I don't like the how the wood just melts/breaks away in the vanilla game.
      • Acerbicon

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        It's from Wonderful Farm Life but I'm not sure how well it would work anymore. Haven't tried it since the 1.1 update.
        • Pathoschild

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