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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ClxS, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. springacres

    springacres Starship Captain

    Got the error again, and I think I finally figured out what's causing it. Seems like it throws the error when I try to eat something and the cursor isn't hovering over my character, but only when I'm in the mines... does that make any sense at all?

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    • julezmartell

      julezmartell Space Hobo

      Hi Guys,

      i know there's a SMAPI installation guide for Mac, but it doesn't seem to install correctly on my mac.
      Perhaps some of you guys knows what to do next, here are my screenshots.

      I would really appreciate your help so I don't have to install BootCamp and Windows on Mac for modding.

      • springacres

        springacres Starship Captain

        Wow, I've never had that crop up. What version of Mono are you running? (and that reminds me, I should make sure mine is up to date)
        • ShneekeyTheLost

          ShneekeyTheLost Pangalactic Porcupine

          Patch 1.2.33 indicates that it changed the linux/mac distros to be built with MonoGame-built content instead of XNA 'for easier modding'. This may have had an impact, as currently SMAPI takes into consideration that everything is XNA under the hood.

          Changelog notes
          • Donny Donster

            Donny Donster Void-Bound Voyager

            Hello, I decided to get mods for stardew valley for the first time and installed SMAPI. I ran it the first time with only that trainer mod that came with SMAPI; it didn't work. Then I did it again with mods and it also didn't work. Here is the log.

            EDIT: Figured out the problem and fixed it.
            1. Go to your windows search bar and type in CMD, Cortona should bring up the Command Prompt.
            2. Right click on the Command Prompt and click run as administrator.
            3. Once the Command Prompt opens up, type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes.
            4. Wait until it reaches 100% and restart your PC when it tells you to.
            5. Everything should be fixed by then.

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            • springacres

              springacres Starship Captain

              No, that was a bug. Patch 1.2.33 was supposed to have fixed that and reverted back to XNA.
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              • Tomazz

                Tomazz Orbital Explorer

                When I use the zoom in and zoom out buttons, my game crash :( :( :( :(
                I thank you, if anyone can help me :)
                PS: I use the latest versions of Stardew Valley (1.2.33) and Smapi (1.15.1)

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                • cynicalalien

                  cynicalalien Space Hobo

                  I'm having an issue where whenever I try to open the StardewModdingAPI, a message pops up that reads "Oops! SMAPI can't find the game. Make sure you're running StardewModdingAPI.exe in your game folder. See the readme.txt file for details."

                  I AM running it from my game folder. Is this just user error (as I am but a noob to the mods world) or is it something else?

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