RELEASED [SMAPI 1.8+] Automated Doors

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    Automated Doors has been updated! It now works with SMAPI 1.8+/Stardew Valley 1.1.

    Tired of having to open/close your various building doors manually? Now they can be automated.

    A default config will be generated for you, opening doors at 0620 and closing them at 1810.
    You can enable / disable individual buildings if you'd like.

      "timeDoorsOpen": 620,
      "timeDoorsClose": 1810,
      "openOnRainyDays": false,
      "openInWinter": false,
      "buildings": {
        "Andrei": {
          "Barn96013": true,
          "Coop98020": true
    Each player's buildings will be stored under their own name, if multiple people play on the same computer.

    This has only been tested on Windows.


    Source code:
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    • mrslowly

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      Updating tonight to 1.4.1 to fix a somewhat obscure bug.
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        Has this been/will this be updated as SMAPI and Stardew itself are updated?

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