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  1. LyricLyricandmoreLyric

    LyricLyricandmoreLyric Astral Cartographer

    Maybe if someone could do the shockhopper, but in an intimidating, overbearing way? Like this sort of
  2. Lonewolf239

    Lonewolf239 Big Damn Hero

    [​IMG] PunchingPenguin_smol.png
    Your link didn't work for me, but I wanted to draw this thing anyways. :iswydt:
    Thanks for the idea.
  3. LyricLyricandmoreLyric

    LyricLyricandmoreLyric Astral Cartographer

    YEEESSSSS! It's awesome! THX!
    The link was to a picture of the king statue from mother 3, you still did it right though!
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  4. Caloxeno

    Caloxeno Astral Cartographer

    I love it! Thank you a lot! If you ever finish it, please send me a PM <3
  5. Myifee

    Myifee Giant Laser Beams

    That I will > w<!
  6. jonathonspy

    jonathonspy Phantasmal Quasar

    would it be possible to see some Climbing Florans, blending in with the bark and leaves?
    one hiding in a pond (water plant head thing), that sort of thing?
    hide and seek, but more "hide and loser has to hunt something for all of us"?
  7. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    A bit belated, but:
    Floran Hide and Ssseek Colorless.png
    Most Floran take to stealth, hunting, and survival skills very quickly, even from birth. Others Floran, though--well... They need a bit more help.

    Mandatory character stories (I can't help myself): Birch Woodclutcher is a bit different from most Floran, being born with a rare condition that makes him very tree-like. Unfortunately, it has given him poor eyesight, as well as a general slowness. Zia Wide-lily has a very large lily on her head, which would serve as great water cover if she could learn to sit still for more than three seconds (her personal record). Makk Berrydig is descended from a distant tribe and fits very poorly in his world's environment, what with his pinkish hues, causing him to usually just goof around. Baaz Hides-in-ferns doesn't need much explanation. All the while, poor outsider Aza Fishfriend has been roped into trying to educate these ruffians in the ways of the Floran. Yeah, good luck on that.

    Here's a lightly colored version to sort of show who's supposed to match against what:
    Floran Hide and Ssseek.png
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  8. jonathonspy

    jonathonspy Phantasmal Quasar

    Birch could work if he was a better climber or is near lots of sticks, being an ambush predator, Makk could hunt in flowery areas, and ZIa could work in areas with moving water
  9. Tipy1802

    Tipy1802 Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey if possible can someon draw my floran character

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  10. spenjak18

    spenjak18 Void-Bound Voyager

    Is it okay if you draw my inkling character, Ikuyo?

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  11. Sugar-Fable

    Sugar-Fable Star Wrangler

  12. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Floran Master.png
    I mean, realistically the relationship between Florans and plants is the same as the one between humans and animals/mammals, but I like the idea of a Floran lording their superior intellect over that of common plants. Especially when those plants are sassy.
  13. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    A quick doodle. Hope it fits your character--there's only so much one can derive about a personality from a few pixels (hence the less-than-exciting pose).

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