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RELEASED PrairieKingMadeEasy 1.0.0

Stardew Valley mod to add cheat options for 'Journey of the Prairie King'

  1. bot G

    bot G Orbital Explorer

    • 2016-06-05_120007.png
    • i use config Run api 0.40.0 it Work :rainbowbarf:
    • UXM266

      UXM266 Intergalactic Tourist

      The config.json is not loading. How do you "run the mod"? That's what i can't seem to get.
      • geruvah

        geruvah Intergalactic Tourist

        I don't think this works for Macs.[​IMG]
        • angryelle

          angryelle Orbital Explorer

          hello, is there an alternate to this mod or an updated version somewhere? I have it installed correctly, changed the config settings and smapi says it is loaded, but it is not affecting the game at all.
          • Mwuuh

            Mwuuh Orbital Explorer

            Ok, so I struggled with this mod a bit, but I finally got it working!

            First, as already stated, you need to install SMAPI as instructed.
            Then, install this mod as instructed, move "PrairieKingMadeEasy.dll" to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder, and move the "StardewModdingAPI.exe" from the downloaded folder to the Stardew Valley folder.
            Then, boot up StardewModdingAPI.exe, and the config.json will appear in the Mods map where you placed PrairieKingMadeEasy.dll.
            Exit the game.
            Open Notepad (on Windows, anyway).
            In Notepad, click "open", then go through your folders until you find your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
            You might see nothing, BUT, somewhere in your window which you're now using to browse your folders, there should be a "look for (x) files", which at this point is looking for Notepad files only. Change that to "all" files.
            You should see config.json now!
            Open it with Notepad.
            Change settings as you please!
            Now you can boot up StardewModdingAPI.exe again, and the Prairie King game should have been altered according to your changes.

            I did notice something, though, that if you don't open StardewModdingAPI.exe through Steam (and in stead just open it directly from the folder, like I did), then you don't get the achievements for beating the Prairie King.

            I hope this helps!
            • xMel248

              xMel248 Star Wrangler

              Getting this error D:

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