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RELEASED please delete this thread

Discussion in 'Cheats' started by zanderb22, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. zanderb22

    zanderb22 Gotta Catch 'em All! Mk.2

    please delete this thread
      Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
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    • GosuGian

      GosuGian Twenty-three is number one

      • Sdai

        Sdai Space Hobo

        Didn't work for me, should I need to do anything else besides put the xnb in the content > data folder?
        • zanderb22

          zanderb22 Gotta Catch 'em All! Mk.2

          its not working for anyone else?
          • Afterscore

            Afterscore Pangalactic Porcupine

            Can you elaborate on this?
            • Efa43

              Efa43 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              It seems to be working for me. I installed it last night and found the chicken statue in town not long after!
              • zanderb22

                zanderb22 Gotta Catch 'em All! Mk.2

                There are (apparantly) supposed to spawn worms on ur farm where u get chicken statue/rusty spur from, but they never spawn so u cant get them.
                • Kyriz

                  Kyriz Intergalactic Tourist

                  can you do same for treasure chests?? Thanks for the great mod!
                  • ProphetSix

                    ProphetSix Space Spelunker

                    how do i instal for non steam?
                    • TheForlornScribe

                      TheForlornScribe Void-Bound Voyager

                      I received the chicken statue from a fishing chest. Or did you mean it was meant to spawn on the farm as well?
                      • cantorsdust

                        cantorsdust Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Added to mod list!
                        • Von Krieger

                          Von Krieger Space Hobo

                          Yeah, I found it in a fishing chest as well.
                          • darkflames9

                            darkflames9 Space Hobo

                            This just made me get a lot of arrowheads and chewed sticks ._.
                            • Vanslipper

                              Vanslipper Space Hobo

                              Same here..
                              • dvr

                                dvr Intergalactic Tourist

                                Same here..
                                • Cider

                                  Cider Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Yea, the only think I've been getting are the chipped pots and arrowheads outside of fishing chests.
                                  • hihi427

                                    hihi427 Tentacle Wrangler

                                    1.05 ObjectInformation.xnb changed

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