RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (w/More Crops Mod) [@v1.6.5]

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    Sounds good. With the speed you have come out with new updates, I won't even get through Spring Year 1 before meat is added again!
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    • RTGOAT

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      Longevity v1.6.2:

      I've decided to break up the contents of my v1.6 to-do list into smaller patching segments.
      The reason for it will be listed at the end.

      Current [v1.6.2]:
      • Added a sort by season button to item pages in the Longevity Menu.
      • Added a configuration option to set the Longevity Menu hotkey (default: "Tab").
      • Pierre should now sell the proper seeds on day 1 of a new season.
      • Longevity menu should now properly close regardless of how it is closed.

      Next [v1.6.3] (Release: Wednesday, May 3rd):
      • Page 1 will be filled out.
      • Page 2 will be filled out (rewriting tax code for compatibility).
      • Clickable buttons to scroll on item pages.

      Why more smaller patches rather than a single large patch?

      -I've been experiencing issues with my computer's ram lately. It continues to get worse over time and could die any moment.
      I'm graduating and expecting to work soon, however, it will take time until I can afford to replace my ram.
      Should my ram die anytime before I can replace it, I would like to best minimize the downtime of updates and development to you guys.

      -Also, with that being said, I have enabled donations through nexus mods, however, it was never an intention as I do this for fun!
      Recently, I've been approached by more and more appreciative users looking to further support Longevity.
      I'm already grateful for the positive support/feedback I receive now, however, as of now, I will accept monetary support.
      There is no obligation or pressure; it is for those that would like to further extend support/appreciation for Longevity.

      -For top donors, I will implement some form of gratitude into Longevity. (More on this later)

      Thank you for your continued support!
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      • RTGOAT

        RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Longevity v1.6.3:

        Most v1.6 patching is finished.

        I will be fixing any bugs that arise over the next week or two, and making requested changes to Longevity Menu's interface.
        Also, I'll be cleaning code in preparation for DNPCD.

        Current [v1.6.3]:
        • Finished the tax page of the Longevity Menu.
          • It should display real time tax accumulation across all tax categories/sub-categories.
        • Rewrote the entire tax code.
          • While calculations remain the same, this was necessary for Longevity Menu compatibility.
        • Added clickable arrow buttons on item pages to allow scrolling without a mouse wheel.

        Next [v1.6.4] (Release: TBD):
        • Finishing menu page 1 (Haven't fully decided what to with it yet).
        • Menu drill downs (More on this if requested).
        • General menu completion.
        • DNPCD framework.
        • More code cleaning and optimizations.

        @jaieet : I wanted to give you feedback on your backpack idea.
        I don't have much room in my tight schedule to fit in everything that is requested, and especially if it isn't in-line with preexisting Longevity systems.
        I apologize if I made it seem as if I fully accepted the request; If done by me, it will be heavily delayed and prioritized for development after the v1.7 series.

        I will be entering finals fairly soon, so I may take a bit more time to complete and finish off the v1.6 series.
        Moving into v1.7 is going to introduce a large system and will take time.

        Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or ideas!
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        • waffelbro

          waffelbro Void-Bound Voyager

          Dude, this is looking so awesome! I'm so excited! I can't wait to jam it! I'm stoked about 1.7 as well.
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          • Upgneto

            Upgneto Space Hobo

            (First thing, sorry about my english, since its not my first language and I'm still learning you may find some errors)
            Hey! I just love this mod, I have been playing for a while now and I can say that it adds so much to the game that would be awesome to see this in incorporated to Starde Valley.

            Now about some things I found that you may not intended to be.

            With the configurantions to more crops set to true and price balance set to false, the beans seed can be bought at Pierre for 12g and sold to him for 30g each(Infinit money).

            Now with both configuration set to true, if I make a small farm out of rice and put all the produce in seed makers that's easy money, because the rice seed can be sold for 55g and the seed maker produce 1-3 with every single rice, and there's hundreds of them every couple of days.

            That's it so far, Thanks for the great job!!!
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            • kreativeplumbob

              kreativeplumbob Space Spelunker

              Hi! This mod is quite amazing, and I'm super excited to have stumbled upon it.

              Quick question: Will this work with the Seasonal Immersive Mod? I think it'd be a lovely combo to join Longevity with it as you are including DNPCC... Just wondering :)

              Keep up the fantastic work!
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              • BrandonPotter0

                BrandonPotter0 Starship Captain

                The answer is...Yes! It does work!
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                • RTGOAT

                  RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                  I'll look into these potential problems.
                  It is difficult to account for every combination of configuration as I only test for all systems on.
                  • Salrmoon

                    Salrmoon Intergalactic Tourist

                    Hello! I'm having an issue where when I load my saved game I can't do anything and only myself, a window, and a picture exist in the world. The SMAPI window reads:

                    [12:31:42 ERROR SMAPI] An error occured in the overridden draw loop: System.InvalidOperationException: Begin cannot be called again until End has been successfully called.
                    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode sortMode, BlendState blendState, SamplerState samplerState, DepthStencilState depthStencilState, RasterizerState rasterizerState, Effect effect, Matrix transformMatrix)
                    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode sortMode, BlendState blendState, SamplerState samplerState, DepthStencilState depthStencilState, RasterizerState rasterizerState)
                    at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.SGame.Draw(GameTime gameTime) in D:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\StardewModdingAPI\Framework\SGame.cs:line 510
                    [12:31:42 ERROR SMAPI] Could not recover sprite batch state: System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.

                    for like... ever.
                    • bluphino

                      bluphino Space Hobo

                      Question: Will there be any cooking/crafting we can do with the new crops in the future?

                      Side note: Not sure what I can do with rice if I decide to plant it. I feel like if you put it into the keg, it should come out as rice wine and not rice juice, and should sell for more.
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                      • TheTiniestBean

                        TheTiniestBean Yeah, You!

                        Okay so you're probably tired of these kinds of comments (I apologize) but all the crops in Pierre's shop are showing up as error items. Did I do something wrong?

                        EDIT: Ok so it's probably bc I didn't do the thing with the vanilla files bc I don't know how to access then :p
                        • RTGOAT

                          RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                          What other mods are you running? This error isn't Longevity specific unless you improperly installed the game.


                          I would need artwork for any created cooking items.
                          Rice is used in recipes is it not?


                          Yes, you need to overwrite your current vanilla files with the files provided in the "MCM" folder.
                          Let me know if you need more help on accessing/installing these files.
                          • TheTiniestBean

                            TheTiniestBean Yeah, You!

                            Ahh I probably sound like such a doofus right now but from where do you access the vanilla files? Because I'm stubborn and can't find them X(
                            • RTGOAT

                              RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                              If you have SMAPI installed, it should be in the same directory under the folder "Content"
                              I'll release a video sometime soon of step by step instructions to install Longevity.
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                              • Xuomi

                                Xuomi Aquatic Astronaut

                                If you are using Steam, right-click SDV and hit Properties. Move to the Local Files tab and hit Browse Local Files.

                                Copy the Content folder inside Longevity's MCM folder and paste it into the Stardew Valley folder. It will overwrite your vanilla content files.

                                If you want to make backups of the original files before you overwrite them, then just follow the same folder path that MCM has to find the files it will change and save them elsewhere.
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                                • TheTiniestBean

                                  TheTiniestBean Yeah, You!

                                  Okay tysm! :D

                                  EDIT: I'm being such a bother omg so I did what you've told but it still says they're error items D': I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm such a modding noob
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                                  • RTGOAT

                                    RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                                    In your content->Data folder you have a file named ObjectInformation.xnb
                                    This file needs to be overwritten with the one provided in Longevity's MCM folder (MCM->Content->Data)

                                    Do this for all files within the MCM folder for MCM to work.
                                    • xLast

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                                      You can make it possible add
                                      negative values maked by the taxes in the money bar?
                                      • RTGOAT

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                                      • xLast

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