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WIP Konoha Valley Expand Map & New NPC

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Madaraanggara, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Madaraanggara

    Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

    Hi brother I'm still working for this mods, I'll gladly take suggestions!

    To-do list Map :
    - Backwoods to Konoha Forest

    - Konoha Mountain
    a. Guy & Lee House = status = done
    b. Traning place =status = done
    c. Konoha Monument = status = done

    - Main Gate

    a.Ichiraku Ramen SHop = status = done
    b. Dango Shop = status = done
    c. Hatake Clan [kakashi's home] = status = done
    d.Yamanaka Clan [Flower Shop] = status = wip
    c.Uzumaki Clan [Naruto's Home] = status = done
    d.Sarutobi Clan [Asuma & Hiruzen's Home] = status = done
    e. Weapon Shop = status = wip
    f. Gambling House = status = wip
    g. Kurenai's Home = Status = Wip

    - Konoha Center
    a. Hokage's Place = status = done
    b. Academy = status = wip
    c. Hospital = status = wip
    d.Anbu roots = status = wip
    e. Senju Clan = status = wip
    f. Akamichi clan = status = wip

    - Konoha West
    a. Nara Clan = status = wip
    b.Izunuka Clan = status = wip
    c. Forest of the death = status = wip

    -Konoha Upper West
    a. Park = status = wip
    b.Bazaar = status = wip
    c.Hot spring = status = wip

    - Konoha east
    a.Hyuga Clan = wip
    c.Uchiha Clan = wip

    New NPC:
    - Hiruzen Sarutobi
    - Asuma
    - Tsunade
    - Kakashi
    - Teuchi
    - Kurenai
    - Mitarashi Anko
    - Sizune
    - Team 7
    - Team 8
    - Team 10
    dll. still add on schedule

    progres 1

    progres 2
      Last edited: Apr 20, 2017
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    • Yuka Code

      Yuka Code Tentacle Wrangler

      Wonderful. I also want to test.
        Madaraanggara likes this.
      • AbdiBP

        AbdiBP Master Chief

        wait for it :))
        • AbdiBP

          AbdiBP Master Chief

          can you make some video how to make mod for new location in stardew valley ?
          • Coolwyngs

            Coolwyngs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            this looks cool
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            • Madaraanggara

              Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

              Is in this forum on how to make new map bro
              • Yuka Code

                Yuka Code Tentacle Wrangler

                when does it release ?
                • Madaraanggara

                  Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

                  I work alone brother,,,,So maybe this takes a lot of time, but I will as soon as possible finish it,
                  I still working for make Event Heart to NPC
                  • AbdiBP

                    AbdiBP Master Chief

                    where is it ? minta link nya bro
                    • Madaraanggara

                      Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

                    • AbdiBP

                      AbdiBP Master Chief

                    • Madaraanggara

                      Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

                      download dulu tide map editor namanya,,,,trus extract di folder map open map .tbin pake tide nah,,,ente otak atik disitu
                      • AbdiBP

                        AbdiBP Master Chief

                        kemaren ane udh nyoba nambah room disebelah ruang anak, tapi pas dibuka kok langsung crash, itu yg ane bingung
                        • Madaraanggara

                          Madaraanggara Poptop Tamer

                          buka farmhouse.yaml nya juga gan pake note pad ,,,,mungkin ente masukin texture png baru,,,,tapi ente gak tambahin texture barunya di .yaml

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