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Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by Hel, Feb 5, 2017.

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  1. Hel

    Hel 404 Hel Not Found Forum Moderator

    Let this be my first giveaway of 2017. Sorry its late. Christmas likes to set me back a few.

    You all know the drill by now. See what you want, post what you want with your steam name and send me a request here!

    Green means I have it, Yellow means I am saving it for someone, Red means it's gone.

    Giveaway closes at 10/02/2017 at 10PM GMT.
    1. -33% off Miner Ultra Adventures
    2. -75% off Shift
    3. -66% off Sixtieth Kilometer
    4. -50% off Club Naughty
    5. -66% off Experience
  2. Unikram

    Unikram Aquatic Astronaut

    I'd love to participate but I am broke ;-;
  3. BigBlueFish

    BigBlueFish Space Spelunker

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