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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Deadmine135, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Deadmine135

    Deadmine135 Tentacle Wrangler

    um hello there my name is Deadmine135 (i dont know why i chose this name)

    i am join this website to learn more about the community and mostly downloading mods, hehe.

    i dont talk much with people because i am sometime kinda shy. >_<

    but hey atleast we can be friend.

    and i hope you all having a nice day. ^^
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  2. Lodish

    Lodish Giant Laser Beams

    Welcome aboard, I hope you're having a nice day too! ^u^
  3. Dekadrachm

    Dekadrachm Giant Laser Beams

    Welcome! I can't remember if I made my account to download mods or make them, but it works for both lol.
  4. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank


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    • Avoid Double posting. You can always edit your previous post.
    • You can change your forum name here
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    • And lastly , have fun!
    • Also, I do free starbound-related art requests here
    • and Stardew Valley - related art here
  5. Surenu

    Surenu Parsec Taste Tester

    Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, just ask away, we're a friendly bunch of weirdos here. Don't worry about your shyness, that's about... at least 50% of people here. Moderators can be easily identified by their unique name colour. Stoked to see your posts!
  6. MistyTheNeko

    MistyTheNeko Tentacle Wrangler

    I welcome you! If you ever want your name changed, you can visit the support forums and ask one of the moderators to change it for you. I do hope you enjoy your time with us.

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