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Closed Hangs on Loading Screen

Discussion in 'Support' started by jakk9891, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. jakk9891

    jakk9891 Intergalactic Tourist

    The game launches fine, but it seems to hang on the loading screen forever. Not sure how to fix this. Here is my Starbound Log

    Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    Info: Loading Star::Configuration from '..\starbound.config'
    Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    Info: Client version 'Beta v. Offended Koala' '623' '424'
    Info: Starting from the title screen
    Info: Initialized SDL
    Info: Initialized SDL Video
    Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    Info: Loading Star::Root...
    Warn: Perf: Assets::loadFont millis: 1447
    Warn: Slow asset 1.447 : /hobo.ttf
    Info: Loading Star::Configuration from '..\starbound.config'
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Warn: Slow asset 0.058 : /leveling/levelingmultipliers.functions
    Warn: Slow asset 0.068 : /biomes/oredistributions.configfunctions
    Info: Created initial window 1000x600
    Warn: Slow asset 0.054 : /particles/butterflyboost2.particle
    Warn: Slow asset 0.082 : /particles/butterflyboost4.particle
    Warn: Slow asset 0.085 : /particles/butterflyboost5.particle
    Warn: Slow asset 0.074 : /particles/butterflyboost6.particle
    Debug: Correcting path from /terrain/surface/mountainoussurface.terrain to /terrain/surface/mountainousSurface.terrain
    Debug: Correcting path from /terrain/surface/normalsurface.terrain to /terrain/surface/normalSurface.terrain
    Debug: Correcting path from /terrain/surface/relaxedhillssurface.terrain to /terrain/surface/relaxedHillsSurface.terrain
    Warn: Slow asset 0.054 : /terrain/surface/normalsurface.terrain
    Warn: Slow asset 0.203 : /terrain/surface/relaxedhillssurface.terrain
    Warn: Slow asset 0.07 : /mods/jumper/treasure/default.treasurepools
    Warn: Slow asset 0.149 : /treasure/apexresearchlab.treasurepools
    Warn: Slow asset 0.113 : /treasure/basicmonstertreasure.treasurepools
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Info: Re-created window 1000x600
    Error: Exception caught in Thread Async root loader: TreasureException: Duplicate TreasurePool config 'avianStarterTreasure' from file '/treasure/default.treasurepools'
    004DCF17 (C:/starbound/source/game/StarRoot.cpp:137)
    004016D8 (C:/starbound/source/client/StarClientApplication.cpp:302)
    0095162C (C:/starbound/source/core/StarThread_windows.cpp:74)

    Warn: Slow asset 0.073 : /renderer.config
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop millis: 292
  2. RvLesh

    RvLesh Spaceman Spiff

    You have a duplicate JSON entry somewhere. Have you installed any mods or changed any files?
  3. jakk9891

    jakk9891 Intergalactic Tourist

    I had a few mods installed but I removed them. I managed to fix it. I uninstalled it. Then I went to the directory where it was installed at previously and found the Starbound folder. I deleted the folder and reinstalled it, and it no longer hangs on the loading screen and goes to the main menu. Works fine now.
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