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Endgame content

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by invalidmix, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. invalidmix

    invalidmix What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

    So as it is now we have access to the witches hut and a few extra buildings but maybe we could see some other aspects of the endgame expanded on or extended?

    So for those that do the town hall collections, a time after a meeting could be called at the town hall which starts a quest to find something to do with the Jojoa building, this could lead to a few choices that the community could probably come up with, and with the player raising the funds to pay for the choice after following the persons request they choose.

    An example would be penny suggesting a school and after doing a few quest and putting forth the money it gets replaced with a school.

    Expanding the skill levels and adding new items to be crafted to go with it go with it. An example would be farming level 11 would give some new food to make, 12 would allow making of a yogurt maker to use milk and possibly adding a fruit flavour. 13 could allow a new scarecrow that covers a larger area meaning less scarecrow use.

    I am sure the community could come up with more ideas.

    Farm Expansion, So after fully upgrading your house robin would turn up at your door and say she owns some land an the other side of the west side of your farm and if you are interested she would sell you it. for a large sum you could buy this giving you a larger farm to work with allowing you to do more, it could be through a passage on the west side of the farm near grandpa's shrine, to build there you could just select an extra button when asked to select where you want to place it.

    New area, so fern island has been suggested by people and this would be good to get there willy could sell a boat for a certain amount and when the player buys it it sits near the docks, the player could then use this boat to travel to the island. this place could give new materials for crafting ie Star metal, Aged wood etc.

    hopefully people like some of these and feel free to expand on anything you do like.
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    • Berdyie

      Berdyie Master Chief

      Sounds like some interesting ideas. They would obviously take a lot of time to implement, but should not be overlooked!
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      • Iandrasil

        Iandrasil Master Chief

        I'd like to suggest an increase in seed variety after year 2, to give players something to look forward to in the later years.

        perhaps rice, or maybe a land expansion upgrade where you can use a lot of endgame funds to expand the farm map to allow for added fields that may be specialised for various forms of crops

        Also building upgrades for say the shed could take up endgame time

        I like the junimos on the farm being added in 1.1, I'd like to also suggest a change to this.

        Give junimos the option to either take care of the animals or automatically harvest the food from your farm, then implement a lategame scythe upgrade that allows you to farm all crops with the scythe (maybe also upgrade the reach of it), since the game is currently bugged and has a issue with not giving you any exp for crops harvested with the scythe, I'd like to suggest this upgrade for maybe year 4 (so players have plenty of time to hit level 10 farming), perhaps tie an event to it or add a rare blueprint drop from the 2nd mines that allows clint to upgrade the scythe for you, or maybe lets you craft it yourself or be able to use some tool for harvesting.

        I'd also like to change the tool upgrade levels, maybe have gold cover 3x3 squares and have iridium cover the same ground as the iridium sprinklers do, or you could add blueprints as rare drops to allow clint to upgrade the tools beyond iridium quality to allow say the hoe and the watering can to cover the same area as iridum sprinklers do. (maybe add a bunch of rare material requirements like iridium bars, refined fire quartz (another possible late game crafting material) and maybe a prismatic shard

        Upgrading scarecrows to increase their range for lategame.

        Being able to buy shares in joja corp, eventually taking it over entirely (maybe as a continuation of the joja mart route), perhaps enable robot junimos working on your farm after certain % of ownership in jojacorp (might function as an effective moneysink)

        Maybe add some variation to the holiday events, after you've seen them once or twice they quickly become a little repetitive, I'm thinking tiny variations like maybe the skeleton breaks lose during halloween in year 3 or if you added a really bad ingredient to the potsoup during the summer you'd get some variation of a grumpy governor going "this better not be like last year, you hear me Lewis", and maybe add some penalty for repeated bad ingredients like Lewis stops sending you those agriculture subsidies and he sends you a letter saying it's because the governor is angry at him or something, on the other hand with repeated good ingredients maybe increase the amount of times lewis sends you those letters or increase the amount of money he sends

        Maybe this can be bundled in an update but perhaps an expansion pack that adds even more content on top of this is something the game could really use
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        • Iandrasil

          Iandrasil Master Chief

          And last but not least, a quest to bring Clint and Emily Together
          • Xamerzan

            Xamerzan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Assuming you haven't chosen Emily as your spouse? >.>
            • Iandrasil

              Iandrasil Master Chief


              Also upgrades to the greenhoue to expand its size might be an option.

              another level of house upgrade to add a bath for stamina restoration

              possibly add a cookbook that you can buy through the catalog that has all the recipes that you can normally get from the TV maybe add this after year 3.
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              • dwuff

                dwuff Void-Bound Voyager

                I would love it if the junimos would harvest my coop for me. It's one of the most tedious things to do, so many tiers and so many different items that my inventory always fills up as i try to grab it all.
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                • Fuzzyman

                  Fuzzyman Poptop Tamer

                  I'd also like it if iridium tools could get rid of clumps and stumps that litter parts of the countryside and impede my horse
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                  • xMel248

                    xMel248 Orbital Explorer

                    I like the idea of new projects. Building a school or maybe something like a bakery.

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