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Like the idea of having a say in what other races say to a lucario?

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  1. Zancuno

    Zancuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hi everyone, it's Zancuno.

    After some hiatus from real life situations and also beta testing for Gaia Online, I will be picking up the slack on production of the Lucario Race mod.

    If many don't know, I have been continuing the mod in Ochiru's place, posting alpha (but stable) builds in the discussion. I haven't heard from Ochiru in ages so I'm going to be making a new mod page in continuation of the mod, which Ochiru can take over at any time if he decides to come back. As of such I have many things to do before getting the mod ready for Steam Release. One of which is NPCs.

    The lucario race mod has always been a bit of a group effort, with people updating it in Ochiru's absences and also adding little things at a time.

    So I thought it best to get some feedback and support from the Starbound community on the mod.

    Now to the subject at hand.... errr... paw?

    Due to a recent failure in trying to make special npc files for the lucario to spawn with, (tier 4 guard would always spawn as any guard without tier 4 requirements) I came across the need to instead patch the lucario race into the main NPC files. Of course this has added a ton of complexity to the NPC modding style because this method requires me to enter more dialog options than most modders do for a race.

    Although what I need from you are some dialog for the lucario, not you being a lucario but instead you role playing as your favorite in-game race!! I know many of you have a favorite race inside the game and as of such have learned how the race acts and speaks. So take a moment and think of yourself as your favorite race and imagine what you would say to a lucario!!!

    I will say this simply. According to the lore in the race, all intelligent pokemon are regarded as equals and pokeballs are long banned. As of such also consider that the race won't be entirely blue and yellow, it will have a vast amount of color options.

    If you are wondering what the lucario would say to other species, I have that covered, don't worry about it. What I need is 20-30 lines of dialog per race of what they would say to a lucario.

    Have fun!!!








    Additional Notes:
    -Some Dialog was already gratefully given by the lovely people on the mobile app "Amino Apps" by "Starbound Amino"
    -All people who contribute to the mod with dialog will get credit inside the mod, via a txt file inside the mod.
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  2. Zavender

    Zavender Void-Bound Voyager

    Glad to see you've come back! Though I'm not the most creative type, I'm wondering if you'd like to keep this up. Having the community put their two cents in for dialogue seems to solve.. Quite a few issues race modders seem to come across, and if we could basically crowd-source entire object libraries of speech it'd be wonderful.
  3. Zancuno

    Zancuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    After the first installment of dialog is finished and I finish the death animation spriting, I will be posting the mod up on a new page. As of such it will still be in beta but there may be many more rounds in the future to either change or add dialog to the race. It won't be ready for a steam release yet but I plan to always have a community feedback on the mod. I may be a huge lucario fan but I think I need people to bounce ideas off of to keep the mod from being one sided. I won't be updating the mod as frequently as Sayter's Frackin Universe but hopefully it will still have a good following till steam release.

    When it came to mod armors, I made concepts of the armors and let people vote on them on the mod's discussion, just the same with asking for ideas for the theme of the next armors. (Halo, Neo Egyptian, etc)

    I want to always have feedback to make the mod better!!

    Although in regards to the crowd sourcing would have to be a huge project! I know Sayter created special stats for all races with his Frackin Races, but for a dialog, it would take all the creators coming together to make such dialog! I believe in order to get it done, all of the creators of the mod races would have to come together, although only the steam workshop releases will do it first. It would probably be an add-on mod because of potential errors if you don't have all the races listed in the add-on mod.
  4. Zancuno

    Zancuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hmmm this thread never seemed to get a reply but the 1, I have been waiting for a while. Kinda odd, I thought the community would jump to this. Some people on Starbound Amino jumped to the opportunity as soon as they saw it to give their input.

    I mainly wanted to do this because the community can really make some golden quotes that I would never think of.
  5. Oddbrother

    Oddbrother Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I prefer playing Human in Starbound. More often than not, I assume them being out of the loop as far as pop culture and future knowledge of said race lore goes. That said, here are some lines:

    • Here, doggy, doggy.
    • Not as shiny as I expected (a reference to them being steel-type).
    • The murder in your eyes... are you rabid?
    • Are you a black belt?
    • How's it feel to be a contributor instead of a slave (a double-entendre)?
    • Are your ancestors like... ours?
    • In my time, fire was bad.
    • Cool! Can I make blue flames, too?
    • How do you clean up after yourself?

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