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Customize & Edit Character

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Jaxine, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Jaxine

    Jaxine Star Wrangler

    So I have an idea. There is no way within Starbound to re-make your current chartacter without having to redo your missions and stuff. There are some mods and programs out there to do that, but I've found it very easy to do simply by editing the .player file.

    So, I'm posting this to see what kind of interest there is for someone like me to offer their services to the community to make requested edits to your character. I'll post very thorough instructions on finding the player file, selecting the correct one, BACKING IT UP just in-case, getting the data to me, and activating the changes on your end whenn I'm done, easily.

    I can do things, such as:

    -Change Colors (to any color, partly transparent, and invisible) of:
    • Hair
    • Skin
    • Eyes
    • Underwear
    • Clothing (can even remove colors to make new clothes)
    • Emotes; Open mouth color, tear color, ect.
    -Change Physical Attrabutes:
    • Name
    • Name Color (may not work on some servers)
    • Hair Style (within race)
    • Idle Stance (Body and legs position)
    • Idle Arm Position (Separate from stance)
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Self Damage Impact Sound
    • Self Hurt Sound
    • Tier
    • Crew Size
    • Max Fuel
    • Fuel Efficiency
    • Max Health
    • Max Stamina
    • Max Oxygen
    • Max Food
    -Removing Glitched Items
    -Add Money / Essence
    -Add basic items
    -Duplicate any items in inventory

    Possibly more, but I can't guarantee safety of a .player file beyond this.
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  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    Starcheat can do basically all of this.
  3. Jaxine

    Jaxine Star Wrangler

    Yep. Sure can. Thanks.
    I'm aiming towards people who don't want to, know how to or can't use StarCheat for whatever reason.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
    xaliber likes this.
  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    Ah... lazy people.
  5. Kalteas

    Kalteas Space Hobo

    Hey, now, we should be grateful for Jaxine's offer.
  6. Jaxine

    Jaxine Star Wrangler

    I prefer lazy people over arrogant ones, just or example.
  7. Lazy Joe

    Lazy Joe Big Damn Hero

    Hello, Lazy person here. Oh yeah, changing idle stance and arm stance sure will be great. Although there have been new personality types than just four for a while now, but the one combination i wanted wasnt one of them.

    Is there currently even a working starcheat?
  8. Jaxine

    Jaxine Star Wrangler

    I dunno, I read it was outdated somewhere. I'm sure @lazarus78 has that info tho. Curious, what combination were you looking for?
  9. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    Yes I do have that info. There is a working version out there. The I-love-bacon forum has a copy, but it requires registration and an approved post in order to get. I also have a copy but it is on my work computer, so I won't be able to get it till next monday.

    Since it seems to be a pain to get these days, I plan on uploading it and making it more freely avaliable.
  10. Jaxine

    Jaxine Star Wrangler

    I just found StarCheat for 1.2, and it's not bad. But I find it faster and easier to just make the same edits in JSON. And there's more I can do that StarCheat can't.

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