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Important CURRENT WORK-AROUNDS (Try these if you're having issues!)

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 4, 2013.

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Important CURRENT WORK-AROUNDS (Try these if you're having issues!)

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. mollygos

    mollygos Super Community Manager IV Arcade Edition Chucklefish

    Gonna start posting temporary work-arounds for some currently known bugs/errors. These aren't guaranteed to work for you, but they're certainly worth a shot if you're having trouble running the game. :)

    Low FPS on NVIDIA cards
    If you're having low fps on Nvidia cards, try setting "multicore optimization" to no/off in the Nvidia control panel.

    Rendering/memory issues
    Some rendering/memory issues may be solved by replacing your "starbound.exe" file with "starbound_opengl.exe".
    To do this, you'll need to copy and paste the original "starbound.exe" into another folder to back it up, then rename "starbound_opengl.exe" to "starbound.exe" and try running the game.

    Game hanging on logo screen
    We're working on this, but some players are finding that if they just wait it out, they are able eventually to pass the loading screen and get into the game. Try it out!
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    • mikehancoski

      mikehancoski Void-Bound Voyager

      NVIDIA card here game have some pretty slow FPS, I do not see "multicore opimization"
      I see
      Threaded optimization
      This is currently set to Auto should turn this on or off or do you mean I should toggle it ?
      • Hemnon

        Hemnon Aquatic Astronaut

        Hmmm. No success for me on the startup crash fix. Seems to coincide with the steam-overlay popup, if that's new information at all!
        • Mills

          Mills Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I'm sad to say none of these helped me. I am still stuck at the chucklefish screen.
          • KingKozuma

            KingKozuma Tentacle Wrangler

            It started again directly after my post about it working. Not sure what the problem is but still trying to find a work around.
            • Elishawna

              Elishawna Space Hobo

              Where do you find the Starbound directory?
              • MrSmity

                MrSmity Master Chief

                Seems like windows Xp users are completely unable to launch the game so far.
                • Hemnon

                  Hemnon Aquatic Astronaut

                  By default, you'll find it in: Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound
                  The main .exe files are in that directory, but you might also try running the launcher.
                  For the record, this hasn't yet worked for me either, but it's worth a shot!
                  • lannonan

                    lannonan Orbital Explorer

                    Booo! I'm getting the exact same issue :(
                    • LoSt Banshees

                      LoSt Banshees Tentacle Wrangler

                      • script flippa

                        script flippa Space Hobo

                        Same issue here
                        • RealityGap

                          RealityGap Space Spelunker

                          Any low fps fix for AMD? I have very poor fps as well.
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                          • TozakiHashizawa

                            TozakiHashizawa Space Hobo

                            Yeah not helping my issue. Game crashes when I try to load a character and when I save and quit. I have low FPS. There is no starbound.exe file anywhere on my pc.
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                            • Jameion

                              Jameion Master Chief

                              just wait
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                              • IISethII

                                IISethII Space Spelunker

                                The rendering/Memory issue work around is causing access violation errors for me. I have gone back to the orginal exe's. Mollygos is there any work arounds for the access violation errors. Ive seen people in the forum having problems with it aswell, i dont think these guys have even done the renaming.
                                • murdog

                                  murdog Orbital Explorer

                                  there is place with all xp people talking and posting there pc specks here http://community.playstarbound.com/...ser-crashing-at-chucklefish-logo.34593/page-9 if your on xp and all u get a fish laughing at u go tere

                                  and to find your .exe and folder for starbound right click your game in your steam library go to properties the tab at the top that says local files then click brows local files and the folder with all its contents will open up with the log and the exe in there
                                  • Tmonster

                                    Tmonster Phantasmal Quasar

                                    What about Intel hd graphics? can i play it on that?
                                    • Nacyle

                                      Nacyle Orbital Explorer

                                      what about those with opengl with less than 2.0?
                                      • KingKozuma

                                        KingKozuma Tentacle Wrangler

                                        Is anyone experiencing difficulty with the launcher not responding after pressing "Launch Starbound" button?
                                        • Nacyle

                                          Nacyle Orbital Explorer

                                          I just close the launcher after clicking launch starbound. after that is when my problem begins.
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