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Community Coordinates Megathread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Unikram

    Unikram Space Spelunker

    Anyone got a good planet with a Novakid village?
    I used to know where one is, but when I wanted to write down the co-ordinates I lost the bookmark ;-;
  2. Krabbe

    Krabbe Big Damn Hero

    if you look at page 59 there is a guy who found a novakid village
  3. Unikram

    Unikram Space Spelunker

    Thanks mate!
  4. LadyRavenSkye

    LadyRavenSkye Lucky Number 13


    On this planet there is
    • Small Novakid Village
      • Blacksmith
      • Saloon
    • Sewer
    • 1 Hazmat Suit guy in a tunnel
    • Abandoned Apex Lab
    OS: Window's 10 - Patch 1.2.1
    The Coolest thing I found was the eyeball biome -- It had an eyeball lamp. I was digging under ground near the begining of it when you enter at the left heading right.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  5. Mike1Bagong

    Mike1Bagong Seal Broken

    -99999979 -279999785 Here ya go, if ya go left, you can find a USCM prison (Or what was a prison) and a Soul seeker in it.
  6. Mike1Bagong

    Mike1Bagong Seal Broken

    On right... You'll find a few hazmats and far right is a avian temple and far far right is a village and far far right is another avian temple
  7. IcyObliteration

    IcyObliteration Void-Bound Voyager

    There are about 5 planets in this system; which planet is that stuff on specifically?
  8. haskav

    haskav Space Spelunker

    Wait.. What?
    I thought each player had different universe
  9. Mike1Bagong

    Mike1Bagong Seal Broken

    Vaxas Delta III.
  10. GamerKId27

    GamerKId27 Void-Bound Voyager

    Has anyone found a rainbow cloak?
  11. Mike1Bagong

    Mike1Bagong Seal Broken

    -99999938 and -279999784 Rotenev Formation I
    Go left for Old glitch fortress then left for glow biome, then left for avian village
  12. caveswallow

    caveswallow Master Chief

    The Tabit Basin system
    350178937 618086673
    Literally just an ancient gate, nothing else.
    Win 10x64 1.2
  13. Kirrock720

    Kirrock720 Aquatic Astronaut

    Has anyone Seen the Myn Crescent? my game flew me somewhere random and deleted all my teleports, including the one to my base on the asteroid field there
  14. pop-yotheweird

    pop-yotheweird Ketchup Robot

    anybody got some cool coordinates for Windows 7 generation?
    or is it the same? I remember trying to find an Asuterosaberu DX from one of the tips here and I found the dungeon, but not the loot.

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