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Dev Blog Commander Spotlight - Mercia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mollygos, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. mollygos

    mollygos Super Community Manager IV Arcade Edition Chucklefish

    Original Post

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    • Jareix Cryvix

      Jareix Cryvix The End of Time

      "MERCIA! FUCK YEAH!" -battlecry of Merica's soldiers
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      • pedruben

        pedruben Lucky Number 13

        "Be careful though, for if they fall, the battle is lost!"

        Well, that's definitely any interesting idea. So keeping your commander alive will be like keeping your king alive in chess. Now what's left to know is if each character as the power of a King or a Queen piece.
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        • Gimmepickles

          Gimmepickles Master Chief

          I can't wait to learn about how Nuru got into the Wargroove business!
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