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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Ordona

    Ordona Forum Administrator

    It is fine now.
  2. DragonDreads

    DragonDreads Aquatic Astronaut

    Changed my email address but haven't received a confirmation email yet. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
  3. Katzeus

    Katzeus Community Manager Chucklefish

    You should be all set now
  4. Hoverman3

    Hoverman3 Space Hobo

    I just want do download some mods, not more! Please let me download them i not want more! Are you serious? I wait 30 minutes and there is still no email!
  5. SDVUsrMec

    SDVUsrMec Space Hobo

    I can't activate my account. I never received confirmation email. I waited about an hour the first time, then tried having the confirmation email resent, but I still haven't received either one. I have double and triple checked my email address.
  6. Ordona

    Ordona Forum Administrator

    Your account is activated.
  7. Bart26

    Bart26 Intergalactic Tourist

    Hi, can you please activate my account? I still can't get the confirmation e-mail.
  8. Ordona

    Ordona Forum Administrator

    It looks fine now.
  9. and540

    and540 Space Hobo

    I cant activate my account i´m not receving the e-mail
  10. DorDur215

    DorDur215 Space Hobo

    I'm not recieving any email please help!
  11. Ordona

    Ordona Forum Administrator

    You're both good now.
  12. BunnyWarrior123414

    BunnyWarrior123414 Space Hobo

    Can You Activate my Account i have been sad because it wont work plz help :)
  13. Ordona

    Ordona Forum Administrator

    Activated. Be happy. :)

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