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RELEASED A Whole Bunch Of Things (pets, paths, stable, etc.)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Maleha, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Maleha

    Maleha Aquatic Astronaut

    Disclaimer: >.< I've been approached now a few times, and it seems some of you really like my stuff and would like to use it in your own collections / recolours. My life is a bit busy at the moment and I have not gotten around to really get back into Stardew yet (even though 1.1 is beckoning me T_T). I'd just like to make a dislaimer here that you guys have my full permission to use my houses etc for your own projects, so long as credit is given. ^^ I feel it is a compliment to me and my meager skills that you would like to use some of my redos, so go ahead!

    So I never did any pixel art before. I never modded anything before. A running joke between me and a friend lead to me picking up both and I've run mad over this weekend playing with textures and sprite sheets and all.

    Here is a small selection of the things I am pretty confident in. ^^

    PS: It's the morning after an all-nighter, so I'm sorry I'm a bit short on screenshots or bigger pictures atm. I'll get to that once I had some sleep. In the meanwhile if anyone wants to help provide some screenies, I thank you!

    Pet Replacement - Tuxedo Cat
    Very simple, reminds me of my old family cat.



    Pet Replacement - Tortoise (Cat)
    It's cute and majestic at once! Occaisionally meows, but only cause I haven't gotten around to meddling with soundfiles yet.



    Slightly Shorter Grass
    Not saying there aren't cases where you get chin high grass, but it got a bit frustrating sometimes to search for chickens and ducks. So I took off 3 rows of pixels in appropriate spots. I'd go more but I do actually kind of enjoy the lushness.


    My chickens were being shy, so I hope this shows the change between the old and new grass length.

    Flooring Collection
    I really like the cobblestone pattern we got in town and I wasn't a big fan of the simple slabs that the stone floor gives us. So I combined the two! Basically Town Floor with the colour of normal Stone Floor. Then I thought "Mh, I like those tiles in front of the Greenhouse. And I am not a big fan of the Crystal Floor."
    Finally, I wanted some extra straw on my Straw Floor, so single tile wide rows have straw as well now!
    Oh, and I patched those annoying "leaks" in the middle of the Dirt Path. This one has several folders in the zip, allowing you to choose exactly the floors you would like.



    Stable to match the House
    This is actually the answer to a request made here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/mod-request-match-stable-to-house.111008/
    I really liked the idea, so 4 hours later we have this as result. Please note that this Stable is actually taller than the Vanilla one, but I tested and it seems to work alright. To perfectly line it up with the fully upgraded house you'd have to shift the stable onto the grass patch right next to the house using a save editor I believe. (I haven't actually done that at all in the game yet.)
    The roof is fully rebuilt as well as floor and backwall... most of it really. At one point even the pillars were gone. The only bit I am somewhat unsure about is the shadowing of the roof tiles, because as I mentioned, I have no experience really, and usually am not a good artist. Looking at it from this size it does seem alright, but who knows, I might fix it up if I get better at stuff like that.



    Stable to match the House - Open Style
    As mentioned below, this is something I've been working on. It's inspired by MiaEmilia's stable variation here: http://community.playstarbound.com/...ny-many-retextures-example-grasspaths.109701/ but I built it from scratch using elements of my stable above. The hay has been coloured a greenish tinge, because actually hay isn't usually yellow, unless it's too dry. Stray is yellow however. ^^



    Silo Redesign - Hay Storage
    Again, as mentioned in the comments below, I'm a bit nitpicky about the silos holding hay etc etc. This is my alternative, using parts of my reworked stable to keep the hay somewhat covered from the elements.



    Slime Hutch Redesign - This is a farm, not a dungeon!
    As the title says, the design of the Slime Hutch bugged me from the start! What is a Castle/Dungeon doing on my farm? I took the roof of the Deluxe Barn, made it big enough to fit, took windows and doors from coops, added glass to match the house, and used the lining from the Deluxe Coop. The metal blue tones come from the Crystalarium, and I had matched my Slime Egg press and Incubator before, because while I like purple, if felt very jarring among all the natural colours on my farm. The walls felt empty so I'm showing off all the different types of slimes! (naturally encountered that is)



    House Overhaul - Overgrown and Flowery
    I went to town with the game's art assets! :rofl: Having the house stand alone on an overgrown farm for years would make it overgrown as well, and maybe slightly broken, too. Conversely I took some complaints I've seen from people, asking what the heck the on the farm ruin is for to heart and made the greenhouse have a metal frame. It's severely rusted and overgrown, but not completely broken.
    The medium house sees the least change, getting a window that matches the final version and some flowers. Personally I liked the idea that we take the flowers of the vines, and kept them in the hanging flower pot and new window boxes.
    In the large house I slightly tweaked the overall width, making the wood storage a hair smaller and unified the look a bit, getting rid of small things that bugged me. And of course the flowers make a return!



    Overhauled Slime Hutch

    Open Stable, Silo Redesign, Overgrown House, Town Style Stone Floor, Tuxedo Cat, Shorter Grass (hard to tell but it's there :p)

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    • Himbeerninja

      Himbeerninja Poptop Tamer

      Gonna test your shorter-grass mod today! I was waiting for sth like this :D (there's nowhere to hide from my love now, dear ducks n chicks ;D)
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      • Reidlos Toof

        Reidlos Toof Void-Bound Voyager

        Awesome work on the stable! Adding it now. Thanks!
        • Reidlos Toof

          Reidlos Toof Void-Bound Voyager

          It looks really good. Oh, and your readme is incorrect, you can place your stable here without modding. It shows it as red when you are placing it but it lets you place it there anyway.
          • Superior_s

            Superior_s Sandwich Man

            The stables roof may need to be a pixel or two higher besides that it looks great.
            • Maleha

              Maleha Aquatic Astronaut

              I didn't know that about the placement, that's nice to know ^^ I'm planning a new layout atm, this is great news!

              I also noticed my error with that one pixel. I overlooked that there is 1 line of shadow below the house, plus the stairs extend by one pixel. I fixed it and reuploaded a new version. :3
              I've also been working on a kind of open grazing stable in the same style, inspired by a retexture I saw somewhere (been trying to find it again to give credit to the idea, but I must be blind >.<). It's a similar style I saw on the pastures around here when I was young.

              Still need to fix the tiles to account for the different angle of lighting as well as getting the shadow to be the right tone[Finding that 1 pixel line under the house did the trick for that :D]. Also thinking of adding something hanging from the gable, since it's just as high as the closed stable. Maybe a horseshoe or something like that.

              Another thing still more in the ideas stage is a silo replacement looking more like a bunch of hay bales under open cover. Since it is labelled as hay a silo is actually not ideal for that. Silage is fermented, and high in moisture. Hay starts rotting if exposed to moisture like it would in a closed off building like that. (Is it noticable I grew up in a farmer's village? :rofl:)
                Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
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              • Reidlos Toof

                Reidlos Toof Void-Bound Voyager

                New version matches perfectly. <3
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                • Superior_s

                  Superior_s Sandwich Man

                  You could also do a slight edit on the standard house and the upgraded house(not the one in the pic), to get them to match up with the stable.
                  Edit: Also nitpicky thing here I haven't looked at stable that you fixed yet but the one that matches the stable roof in the picture above, it's right hand pillar shouldn't have an angled shadow on it, the shadow should be horizontal. But besides that it looks spot on.
                  • Meevers

                    Meevers Void-Bound Voyager

                    Are there any pictures of the shorter grass in game? I'd like to see how it looks when placed out in a field. Thank! :>
                    • Maleha

                      Maleha Aquatic Astronaut

                      Height wise, it should still perfectly match the side of the previous houses, since that horizontal roof section on the left never changes. I guess I could recolour them for unified style, but tbf, the colour change isn't that drastic that it is so unmatched atm. (plus I like the gradual colour change a lot as it becomes bigger... when you renovate, you get bolder with colours :3)
                      I also noticed the shadow thing. Funnily enough I really only took the vanilla pillar and changed the palette. So that shadow bit is in the original as well, only less noticable due to the difference in colour. But I saw it when I fixed the height, so the shadows are running horizontally now. ^^

                      I also added a before/after picture of the grass. If there is a demand for even shorter grass I can definitly see to that. :)
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                      • Zhuria

                        Zhuria Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        The thread you're thinking of that you probably got your inspiration from is here! http://community.playstarbound.com/...ny-many-retextures-example-grasspaths.109701/
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                        • Maleha

                          Maleha Aquatic Astronaut

                          Yes! That one! Thanks for finding it for me :3 I only remembered an open stable with a gable roof, not even where I saw it (here, nexus, other pages...). Just as disclaimer I haven't used any elements from their texture, only repurposed my own reskin and other elements from the game (the straw for example is from the straw floor).
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                          • cephaloraptor

                            cephaloraptor Master Chief

                            The tortoise is great! And the meowing reminds me of Gary from Spongebob :giggle:
                            • Maleha

                              Maleha Aquatic Astronaut

                              After a short absence (cause life happens ^^) I'm back with 4 new downloads! I finished the stable I teased, and brought you overhauls of all Houses, the Greenhouse, the Silo and Slime Hutch!
                              Things I might add in the future if people would like me to share:
                              - An inside overhaul of the Slime Hutch (the townInterior file - restored bong and "vase" versions of course.)
                              - Recolours of the Slime Egg Press and Incubator to match my new Hutch and the Crystalarium.
                              - Recolour of the coops, to keep the green of the normal coop - I like it, it gives each of my farm buildings a unique colour scheme: red, green and blue
                              • DatRaph

                                DatRaph Zero Gravity Genie

                                Love the stable, and your slime hutch made me wanna start raising slimes. Thanks for sharing.
                                • RoastedCoconutz

                                  RoastedCoconutz Zero Gravity Genie

                                  LOVE the slime hutch redesign. I completely agree that the dungeon-style 'hutch' was out of place on a farm.
                                  • Ailsaek

                                    Ailsaek Astral Cartographer

                                    These are lovely. I am downloading the entire collection. They'll be my first mods, as I've only just started playing the game, so now i need to figure out how to install them. (only game I've ever modded is Minecraft.)
                                    • Coolwyngs

                                      Coolwyngs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      I love the slime hutch redesign. The dungeon-style was out of place on a farm.
                                      • Zalkyria

                                        Zalkyria Phantasmal Quasar

                                        So your slime hutch redesign is probably the main reason I reconsidered and got a slime hutch. I felt like the dungeon looked out of place, but with your redesign it looks so cute on my farm! Thank you so much for making it!
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                                        • Coolwyngs

                                          Coolwyngs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          I really love your slime hutch. Would you do it in purple please?

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