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Modding Discussion A place to discuss map editing and other related stuff

Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. hollowlaughter

    hollowlaughter Aquatic Astronaut

    Hi, so here's me, back at it again. Feeling pretty close to done with my Farmhouse 2/2M mods and other stuff, but I have a final question re: walls. While flooring isn't an issue with the way I built this, there is an issue with the walls.

    To explain, in tIDE it looks like this:


    But in the live game, it looks like this:


    Which I completely understand, since those corner pieces are on the buildings layer and the wallpaper section is on the back layer. I also know I could put my walling on the buildings layer, but then players won't be able to place their own decor on the walls of the house.

    Currently, I'm getting around this issue by doing some wallpaper replacements in the walls_and_floors.xnb so they can match the corners as long as you put the right selection of baseboard-included wallpapers up. But I was wondering if there was a better way to have a specific wall shown in a house while still allowing a player to place their own items like the calendar on the walls (aka not putting walls on the building layer).

    New layers don't seem to be recognized in tIDE to SDV, and I'm trying to avoid a need for user-end contribution if at all possible; but I'm also pretty set on keeping those baseboards going around the rooms since it really ties everything together.

    Suggestions? Hoping I'm just missing something idiotic in terms of a solution.

    To give you an idea of what the finished thing is intended to look like (with wallpapers added to match):


    Edit: I have considered just adding the baseboard to every in-game wallpaper to render the issue completely moot since then all wallpapers WILL match, but then people will be seeing those in the FarmHouse 0/1 if they put this mod in before they upgrade.
      Last edited: Apr 10, 2017
    • HopeWasHere

      HopeWasHere Aquatic Astronaut

      I've got a tile property question. It there a way to make an action reference a mod? For example, if I have a dresser on my map that currently has Action WizardShrine can I make it pull up the GetDressed menu instead? Or if I've added a shop with this mod: http://community.playstarbound.com/...dux-v1-2-0-now-with-npc-shop-examples.114036/ could I make an Action that pulls up that shop menu? If any of this is possible, would it need to be a SMAPI mod, or could it be done in tIDE?
      • apiooo

        apiooo Intergalactic Tourist

        I too have a brief map editing question. I want to edit the WizardHouse map with some items from the springobjects tilesheet. This tilesheet isn't used by the map in the vanilla game, so I've downloaded TIDE, added the tilesheet into my map, and also added it into the metadata file. But when I load in game though, the objects I have spawned from the springobjects tilesheet don't appear. Any idea what i might be doing wrong? Do the tilesheets have to be in a particular order to work?
        • FieryChaos

          FieryChaos Big Damn Hero

          @apiooo You have to make sure that the tilesheet names in tIDE do not mess with the vanilla order; anything you add should be renamed in tIDE so that it appears after what is already in the tilesheet list when the names are in alphanumeric order (simplest way is naming tilesheets you add something such as "z1","z2", etc. so they are after the vanilla ones). Also, make sure you copy whatever tilesheet you add and place it in the "Content" folder (otherwise your game should crash if those files aren't there).
          • Acerbicon

            Acerbicon Void-Bound Voyager

            Is there a specific trait that is added to the spouse area on the farm? I try not to mess directly with the spouse areas but it seems that they're still showing up blank. Is there some setting I am missing?
            • FieryChaos

              FieryChaos Big Damn Hero

              @Acerbicon Tilesheets in correct order in tIDE ( 1. paths, 2. untitled tile sheet [aka spring_outdoors], 3. custom added tilesheet, 4. custom added tilesheet 2, etc.)? If so, there is a map property that nobody messes with ( Spouse || 3 22 2 11 11 2 4 5 0 1 12 2 17 11 2 23 3 2 ) if yours is somehow missing. There is also the possibility that your outdoors tilesheets are outdated. Otherwise post your map here so I or someone else can look at it.
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              • Acerbicon

                Acerbicon Void-Bound Voyager

                Damn, I really thought I'd remembered to have them named properly to keep them in the right order. Thanks for reminding me! Seems I always overlook something D:
                • alicedafox

                  alicedafox Astral Cartographer

                  Hey, tried to enlarge the kidsroom at the "Farmhouse2_Marriage" file. I dont know if its possible or not..
                  I just copied the room layers and pasted into the free space & fixxed some issues ofc. But for now I got a problem.
                  Dont know how to explain so I'll just upload a picture :


                  Looks like this in TIDE:

                  • FieryChaos

                    FieryChaos Big Damn Hero

                    @alicedafox You're using walls and flooring from the towninterior tilesheet in your other room, so it's taking those tiles from there; use the "walls_and_floors" tilesheet for the walls and flooring. Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to make the walls and flooring look the same in both rooms, unless you want an awkward wall that changes into another 1/3rd the way through after your division. You can't change what is/isn't wallpaperable, it is hardcoded, so any wallpaper or flooring change you make ingame will affect the entire (visible) vanilla area. Also, your kids won't sleep in those beds, and if I counted right, one might actually try to "sleep" inside your dividing wall.

                    Also just a minor thing, but you're missing the little shadow at the top of the wall in your added area, which should be in the "Front" layer; and the top of the wall connecting to your divider should be tile 87 from the "farmhouse_tiles" tilesheet (went and looked at the specific tile number) and remove the wall shadow from the "Front" layer on it. Just minor touch up things I'd do.
                      Last edited: Apr 16, 2017
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                    • alicedafox

                      alicedafox Astral Cartographer

                      @FieryChaos Thanks for your help! :catwink:
                      Its my first time working with the maps and I havent really figured out everything and I already thought that this wouldnt work.. :wtf:
                      So thanks for your help, I know what to do now
                      • Chelly Madock

                        Chelly Madock Orbital Explorer

                        I was trying to clean up my barns and coops a bit by removing the barrels and random wood, fixing the holes in the wall and busted the floor boards, and finally by removing the rust from the troughs. All of my changes worked except for the troughs, they're still rusty for some reason. I can see the changes I made to the coopsTiles.xnb are showing up in the walls/floors, but for some reason the trough in my barn isn't getting cleaned up.

                        ... I just had a vague recollection of something I read in another thread. Is this one of those changes that will only show up in newly built barns?
                        • Karmylla

                          Karmylla Void-Bound Voyager

                          To all map editors!
                          Since the new update, the rules to adding message to a map have changed.
                          You don't type in the messages directly in Tide like previously, no. Now you make a call to a line that is in 'StringsFromMaps.xnb' in your Strings folder.
                          Check images for further understanding.

                            Last edited: Apr 26, 2017 at 1:47 PM
                          • Voltaic123

                            Voltaic123 Twenty-three is number one

                            Chucklefish really made random things more difficult this update :facepalm:

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