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Your Starbound Crew 4.9

Over 150 quests to help you get your own crew and explore the universe!

  1. Luminaesthesia

    Be sure to check out my other mod: Starbound Side Stories which includes the old Unstable Stars from this mod, along with over another 150 quests to complete all over the universe!


    With the tenant update here, I thought it was time to go through and completely redo the mod. Welcome to Your Starbound Crew, a mod that introduces six new tenants designed for your ship. The mod begins as soon as you hit the outpost, and get a quest from one of the NPC humans there. He'll tell you about a distress signal he got leading to your first crew member...

    First mate Taylor Hart
    Your first mate will be the one to let you know about where the other crew members are located. Her primary goal is to help you explore the universe, and her tenant pool is centered around you upgrading your ship and your matter manipulator. She also has an upgradable back item called a KEI, that can eventually offer you benefits such as increased run speed, or lots of attack, and even no fall damage.

    Mr. Sora
    Mr. Sora is your Hylotl colonist specialist, and you find him in his colony experiment in an asteroid field. He'll offer you tenant deeds, sub biome building materials, and even recipes for furniture as his tenant rewards, and will even send you on a mission to recruit four Novakids to help build temporary bases on whatever tier you're on.

    This Glitch is a master farmer and cook, and will help make your farming life easier, along with offering unique recipes.

    Kananna Bonebane
    Kananna is your combat specialist, and offers some healing items, stims, and throwing weapons as his tenant gifts. He also offers his old family sword, which you can help upgrade into an amazing blade.

    Dr. Geny Petraft
    You'll find the Doctor messing with time travel in his jungle base. He offers tech chips, techs, and teleporter cores as his loot table, and sells an antidote to help you explore toxic planets.

    Moonfinder Maneca
    Maneca loves studying everything about the universe, especially ancient ruins. His loot pool includes lore from every race in the game, and also offers you the ability to restore an old matter manipulator into a glorious digging machine.

    As you can see, some stuff has changed, some stuff is gone, but a lot of it is for the better. As of now I'm choosing to just rewrite most of the quests, so that will probably hit for the second stable update. I'll also be adding a mid game mission for each crew member, and a late game mission for each crew member, so you can upgrade them. Anyways, sorry it's been so long since the mod has been updated, I hope you all enjoy!

    If you're upgrading from the old Your Starbound Crew, or wish to uninstall it, there's only one thing that can mess up your character: take off all techs added by the mod. If you don't, it can corrupt your character.

    Hopefully you enjoy my first attempt at modding a game, it's been a game itself trying to sort through all of these files and LUA scripts. HUGE thanks to severedskullz for helping me figure things out, and for helping out other modders, and the same goes to xxswatelitesxx. Thanks to aMannus for helping me update the mod page. Please send any feed back, especially any bugs, issues, or any thoughts you have on balancing the mod. Thanks again for downloading, and a huge thanks to everyone at Chucklefish for making a great game to play and mod!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. crewchefcardbig.png
    2. crewhuntercardbig.png
    3. crewmatecardbig.png
    4. crewmediccardbig.png
    5. crewmercenarycardbig.png
    6. crewpenguincardbig.png
    7. crewprofessorcardbig.png
    8. crewsciencecardbig.png
    9. crewshroomcardbig.png
    10. ChefMission.png
    11. HunterMission.png
    12. LovejonesMission.png
    13. MedicMission.png
    14. MercenaryMission.png
    15. ProfMission.png
    16. ScientistMission.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Silver Fern
    Silver Fern
    Version: 4.9
    Great addition for starships upgrades
  2. Hibob42
    Version: 4.9
    Not a fan of this rework, since it feels based less around people for your ship and more around people for a colony. The NPC's now wander around the entire ship, meaning I have to go looking for them. Normally, I would theme a room around their profession, archeology, medical, science, etc., but now I lose the freedom to make their rooms how I want, since they all HAVE to be enclosed. It makes it hard to get around your ship.
  3. Raniy
    Version: 4.9
    This is an awesome and very helpful mod.
  4. Phakin
    Version: 4.9
  5. snaid1
    Version: 4.9
    Works great! It took a little time to realize that each crew member needs their item in the room before placing the deed. Although I can't seem to find any quests other than recruitment quests from this mod.
    1. Luminaesthesia
      Author's Response
      The other quests are still being worked on, mostly because the old stuff relied on solarium and other things that just aren't in the game any more. Glad you enjoy, and I'll try to make it more obvious that you need to plop down their item first.
  6. Alexander459FTW
    Version: 4.9
    The missions don't work as it shows that you teleport there forever
    1. Luminaesthesia
      Author's Response
      Could you possibly send me your starbound.log file so I can figure this out?
  7. Supertoaster357
    Version: 4.9
    Yeah activate one thing and it corrupts your damn character forever. Horrible mod.
    1. Luminaesthesia
      Author's Response
      Could you possibly send me a message or reply in the discussion thread as to what happened?
  8. LocoLoki
    Version: UNSTABLE
    installed it on stable and it work great.... thx a lot for that... my own crew every i want.. nice...
  9. CrystalCharlie
    Version: UNSTABLE
    Amazing mod, really immerses you in the game. Absolutely love the cities, you are a hero!!!!!
  10. Deadguy87
    Version: NIGHTLY
    Love it thanks bro...