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the pony modpack V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19

a starbound my little pony: friendship is magic centred modpack

  1. C0bra5

    Message of the day:

    A bit of history:
    Since Heliostorm , creator of the original ponybound mod, decided to stop working on his mod, I, C0bra5, have decided to continue the mod by including it to a mlp centered modpack. and here we are

    The modpack is actually containing 4 mods so far:
    Ponex, by Chandrak
    A.V.I.A.N. Pony Patch, by C0bra5
    Ponybound, by Heliostorm, now updated by C0bra5
    Pony plushies and cadance javelin , by m21
    Twilicane, by C0bra5

    Model created by: Camerond.D,from the bronies australia forum's

    According to Mediafire the modpack was downloaded 25903 times version wide... (2016-09-19 08:00 EST)

    Next stable update name (subject to change):


    • Weapon Fix - 100% Done
    • Food Reciepe Fix - 100% Done
    • Armor Recipe Fix - 100% Done
    • Tech Station AI Image Change - 100% Done
    • Chef Hat - 100% Done
    • Tenant Fix - 100% Done
    • Pony Crew Member armor fix - 100% Done
    • Pony armor auto fix script - 100% Done
    • New Dubstep Cannon Projectile - 100% Done
    • H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Systems weapon rework
      • Dubstep Cannon - DONE
      • H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Cannon - DONE
      • Wife Launcher - DONE
      • Discordean Sword - Not Started Yet
      • Dawn Blade - Not Started Yet
      • Gem Sword - Not Stated Yet
      • H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Sword - Not Started Yet
      • Twilicane - Not Started Yet

    Known bugs:
    • none yet

    My "todo" list:
    • Next update...
    • Villages - on hitaus
    • Ships lockers and stations
    • Ship for higher tiers.(these thing are huge don't expect them soon)
    • Things...
    Note to everyone that want to help us with the modpack
    Please note: If some one want's to give me some assets/graphical stuff for the modpack, just say it in the discussion tab, i watch it regularly!

    Fan-Fic about the modpack (by: BusterBuizel)

    Contact Info:

    • Steam: C0bra5

    The "thank you zone"

    • Huge thank's to Heliostorm for creating all the 3 first pony races assets!
    • Thank's to Chandrak for allowing me to merge the ponex mod the pony modpack!
    • Thank's to BusterBuizel for helping me with some graphic parts of the modpack.
    • Huge thank's to Deciton_Reven for making a lot of the graphic parts of the modpack.
    • Thank's to Christovski for giving me a ton of pony one liners and for making the in game text have correct grammar and spelling.
    • Thank's to SpaceKGreen for the violium and cerulium ponex armors.
    • Huge thank's to Snowy Iceshards for spamming me with spell assets and creating the new 1050 weapons.
    • Thank's to Jakebur4 on looper man for posting the dubstep cannon loop and NCS. for publishing song Paralysed, from which the loop is from.
    • Thank's to alividlife in looperman for posting the loop used in the wife launcher.
    • Thank's to MelOzone for creating the new pony emotes.

    Zombie licence
    If C0bra5, creator of The Pony Modpack, ever goes missing for more than 4 months, anyone is allowed to maintain and or add this modpack to it's own compilation. if you are adding this mod to your compilation, please make sure you have the permission form the sub-mods authors that aren't maintained and/or created by C0bra5.
    Thank You
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. More ship tiers
  2. Pre relase 18
  3. Pre relase 17

Recent Reviews

  1. MrStrangerPL
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    Lil unpolished, but still, great mod, with great work put into it. Pony Crewmembers work fine, the randomly generated pony tennants too. I'm surprised by the amount of names so far. No villages? PFF. We'll make our own! :P
  2. DraLUSAD
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    I'm a Brony, so, reasons, also, keep up the hard work
  3. 22neptun
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    A very polished mod, I really liked it. I just hope that there are still going to be updates on it in the future...
    1. C0bra5
      Author's Response
      I'm nearing the next one, it's just taking longer than expected
  4. sadlolz999
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    A very nice mod, but I think more cutie marks should be added (for example a lyre).
  5. ThetaAioShard
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    This is probably my favorite race. My only request is for the bipedal the option for horns (since we can get wings in game)
  6. Spyro The Dragon
    Spyro The Dragon
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    This is an amazing modpack and it adds grate things and i'm glad to see it updated and all makes it all the more fun. Keep up the amazing work on this modpack!
  7. Pensive_WolF
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR18
    keep updating please :)
  8. Cache
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR17
    This is great! Do you think we could ever be little ones? Like the cutie mark crusaders?! Pretty please ! ;;
    1. C0bra5
      Author's Response
      due to the hitbox reduction, i'd break the balance of the game even more than i already am, but i think that it could be a good idea to make the cutiemark crusaders uniform as a wearable.
  9. x567
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR17
  10. yugeyuanwi
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR16
    I love this mod! good job!!
    The OLNY bug upset me is when I update my ship, this's turn to another kind. It turn to an human's ship when I update again and didn't change back.
    1. C0bra5
      Author's Response
      that's because i haven't made the bigger ships yet.