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The Penguin Piracy Mod V9

Pirates! Plunderers! Penguins! This mod adds penguin affiliated content, and much more!

  1. PenguinPiracyMod V9 - The Update Where Everyone's Penguin Ships Imploded

    Hey guys! FInally time for that big update I mentioned.



    - The penguin UFO ship now has a few size increases! It will do so tiers 5-8. The bottom room, and the room just below the cockpit will increase in size.. and four small (very small. Think the size of the room SAIL is housed in) rooms will be added next to them.

    Unfortunately, this of course means this update has a side effect... This version, this update of the Penguin Piracy Mod? Is a PENGUIN SAVE BREAKER....
  2. PenguinPiracyMod V8.2.1 - Another Penguinoid Mouthposition Tweak

    Hey guys. Just pushing a small update that I wasn't able to get pushed to the forums last night.

    This update makes another change to the penguinoid mouth position. You should now only start drowning when your beak is submerged in water. (This also rectifies another scenario I ran up on where you could suffocate even when you're head's clearly unobstructed.)
  3. PenguinPiracyMod V8.2 - The Sardine Update

    Hey guys. Just a small little update, pushing the mod to the version I have.



    - Started on some object description patches. So far, penguin races will now have their own responses to some objects in the intro. I don't have all of them done yet, but it's a good start. (Object patches will be done when I have the time)


    - Added some new lines of dialog for penguin npcs.

    - When penguins "crouch", they'll play one of the various chatter sounds penguin npcs...
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  4. PPM V8.1 - The Armor Tweak Update



    - The way penguin armor is handled is being changed, due to some criticism, and suggestions.

    Armor is being "split" into three separate pieces, similar to vanilla.. there are of course some differences:

    -In general, penguin armor still has it's buffs for penguin players. The armor will still not be available to humanoids in any obtainable fashion (At least in any way my mod implements them). If you cheat in pieces of penguin armor? that's your decision, not mine....
  5. PenguinPiracyMod V8.0.1 - Puffin fix

    V8.0.1 CHANGELOG


    - Fixed an issue with Puffin crouching


    - Added a "What's what" documentation to THE MODS folder, and put the .pak files into three subfolders.
  6. PenguinPiracyMod V8 - The Tigershark Update

    Hey guys! It's been a few weeks.. think it's time for an update!

    This one does a lot of rebalancing, tweaks, and a few additions too. So here's the changelog



    - New decorative objects

    Pool Table
    Dart Board
    Penguin Keg (A small storage container that holds 6 items.)

    They are crafted at the Penguin Trade Station

    - As of this update, the old jukeboxes are being retired. They will no longer be obtainable.

    Instead, I will be utilizing a singular jukebox (That I'll...
  7. PenguinPiracyMod V7.3 - The Intermission Update

    Hey guys. Quick changelog, and a little important note at the end.



    - The way the Suspicious beacon is obtained, and the event centered around it has been overhauled.

    The Penguin King now has two additional (and final) fetch quests. In the first one, you will be gathering ingredients for the penguin beacon (which is now obtained through this quest, rather than as a craftable.)

    Once you complete that quest, you will start the final quest. Remember, you will want...
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  8. PenguinPiracyMod V7.2.1 - REreupload

    I know this is getting ridiculous, but I had to do an update for the Phaseshift patch mods... and I don't have any new content prepared (And how could I? It's only been like an hour :rofl:)

    and basically, I still see now point in pushing the version number up.
  9. PenguinPiracyMod V7.2.1 - Reupload

    Hey guys. Nothing new here. Just added a couple new patch mods to the archive.

    They're for Phase Shift, and the unprotect version of Phaseshift!
  10. PenguinPiracyMod V7.2.1 - A "Manic Goofed" Patch

    V7.2.1 CHANGELOG


    - The penguin king now sells the blueprints that unlock access to the various penguin craftables after you complete/have completed their respective quests. This is just in case I add anything to be unlocked by those blueprints in the future, and the user happened to throw them away or something.

    The Penguin Infirmary is unlocked by the one that unlocks the Penguin Inventor's Table. You might have to buy that blueprint if you are using an older penguin save.

    It is...